Sonnox Oxford Dynamics Native

Sonnox Oxford Dynamics NativeSonnox Oxford Dynamics Native Sonnox
A powerhouse of dynamic control in a single Plug-In that features six independent processes for precision dynamic sculpting of your tracks. From subtle control of a vocal, to a pumping side-chained effect; from lightning-fast gating and precision expansion to peak level limiting of single tracks and buses alike. Sonic clarity at all times – with the option of tube-like harmonic saturation when you need it.We’d love to talk about our use of feed-forward architecture with logarithmic processing, but maybe it’s better to quote some of our users instead: ‘Musical-sounding and intuitive’, ‘Transparent’ and ‘Versatile’,FEATURES:- Gate, Expander, Compressor, Limiter & 2-band side-chain EQ – Warmth for extra presence and tube-like saturation – 3 different compressor types; Normal, Classic and Linear – Variable soft knee; 0 dBr to –20 dBr in 5 dB steps – Surround bus compressor & limiter (HD-HDX only) – Ultra low noise and distortion- The dynamics section from the acclaimed Sony OXF-R3 consolePro Tools:- Pro Tools 10.3.8, 11.3.2, 12 – AAX Native- Pro Tools 7, 8, 9, 10 – RTAS- Approved Pro Tools CPU, OS and hardware configuration: – Legacy RTAS support for OS X 10.4.11 – 10.6.8 & Windows XP- iLok USB device with latest drivers- iLok2 required for AAX plug-inAudio Units:- Audio Units-compatible application (Logic, Digital Performer etc.)Mac:- Pro Tools 10.3.8 – 12 (AAX Native) – Pro Tools 7 – 10 (RTAS) – Logic Pro X 10.2 – Logic 8 & 9- Digital Performer- Nuendo- Cubase- Ableton- Studio 1Windows:- Pro Tools 10.3.8 – 12 (AAX Native)- Pro Tools 7 – 10 (RTAS)- Nuendo- Cubase- Ableton- Samplitude- Sequoia- Pyramix- Studio 1
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