Selmer Signature 440

Selmer Signature 440Selmer Signature 440 Selmer
“Signature” is an unparalleled concept in terms of acoustics and design. A high playing precision, an open dynamic range and a wide harmonic richness.Key: B-flat.Bore Ø: Ø 14,50mm.Delivered with two barrels:-64,5 mm et 62,5mm (440.System: standard Boehm N° 1B (17 keys, 6 rings) with left-hand Eb lever.Barrels, body and bell in grenadilla wood.Keywork: silver-plated nickel silver.Adjustable thumb rest.Leather pads.Metal tenon sockets (male + female).Blue steel springs.“C85/120” Selmer Paris mouthpiece.“Light” case.
Blasinstrumente , Klarinetten, Klarinetten Profiklasse, Bb Klarinetten Profiklasse