Selmer Reference 36 Dgg

Selmer Reference 36 DggSelmer Reference 36 Dgg Selmer
The ´´Reference” series appears in two versions:- Reference 36- Reference 54.Each model has a specific tone colour: the ´´Reference 36” features a rich open tone, in the tradition of the ´´Balanced Action” manufactured early 1936. The more centred ´´Reference 54” integrates the famous ´´Mark VI” design, which was manufactured from 1954.Key: B-flat.Range: high F sharp.Thumb rest: adjustable, in metal.Leather pads, plastic booster.Finishe: DGG (dark gold lacquer, ´´Reference” engraving).Selmer Paris mouthpiece.´´Reference” case.
Blasinstrumente , Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Profiklasse Tenor Saxophone