Phoenix Audio N90-drc

Phoenix Audio N90-drcPhoenix Audio N90-drc Phoenix Audio
The N90-DRC/500 compressor also known as the David Rees Compressor is an API 500 format series compressor & gate.This product was originally conceived 20 years ago by David Rees but was never fully released. The Phoenix N90-DRC/500 compressor/gate is designed around a VCA control with Class A discrete input and Class A transformer balanced output. The N90-DRC/500 is intended to be driven ‘by ear´ .There are no optimum settings that would cover all situations. It is intended to be very musical and smooth and has quite a wide ranging effect. Musically the progressive curves are very kind – there is no sudden change on passing the threshold and audio processing is virtually seamless. Technically the progressive curves are achieved using linear detection combined with logarithmic attenuation inside a closed control loop. Limiter sound is still provided by the higher ratios and there is a choice of attack times.The gate is more conventional but it´s release time is composite with a hold time followed by a fade time. This makes the gate very versatile in that as well as basic noise reduction it can also provide quite subtle changes to ambience or backgroundSpecificationsAPI 500 series compatible rack unit:Class A (DSOP2) Output specs . Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz +- 0.5dB,Maximum Output gain = +15dBu @ 1kHz, Noise = -90dB @ 20Hz to 20kHz, maximum output from unit is +26db.Input connections: XLR input on rear of API compatible rackPhoenix Audio’s unique Class A, transformer-less, True electronically balanced buffer amp input stage.Compressor Section Rotary Controls:Threshold Settings: From +10db to -30dbRatio Settings: From 2 to 8Release Settings: Release time of 0.1 seconds to 3 secondsCompressor Section SwitchesBypass : engages or bypasses compressor sectionFast : Fast or slow release timesAuto : Auto release of compressionGate Section Rotary Controls:Threshold Settings: From 0db to -40dbRange Settings: From 40 to 10Release Settings: Release time of 0.1 seconds to 2 secondsGate Section Switches:Link: Ability to link multiple modules (up to 8).Key: External input for gate section, connector is a TT Bantam connectorGate: Switches the Gate in and outCompression Meter: LED Metering. (Green = -3dbu, -6dbu -10dbu & -14dBu, Red=-20dBu and doubles as the Gate Active LED)Typical Max Headroom: +26dB on output stage
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