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The Nagra VI Eight-channel digital audio recorder TEC Award Winner 2009 for Outstanding Technical AchievementThe Nagra VI digital audio recorder was awarded the TEC Award for ´´Outstanding Technical Achievement” at a ceremony in New York on Saturday October 10th 2009 during the 127th AES show.The TEC (Technical Excellence & Creativity) Awards is an annual program recognizing the achievements of audio professionals. The awards are given to honour technically innovative products as well as companies and individuals who have excelled in sound for television, film, recordings and concerts.Features8 channels (4 Mic + 2 Line + 2 Mix) 24 bit, 192 kHz AD / DA : User programmable Pre-recording bufferPost-production compatible (BWF files)(iXML compatible) : Large colour displaySMPTE / EBU Time Code USB : 2.0 communicationInternal 2.5” Hard drive disk and removable Compact Flash : Lightweight and battery operatedBuilt-in matrix and two M/S decoders : Internal speaker Product descriptionThe NAGRA VI has been designed as the natural successor to the NAGRA-D / DII multi-track digital recorders. Based on a totally new design concept, the hardware of the NAGRA VI is software dependent and can be adapted simply through software.The NAGRA VI is an 8 channel digital recorder, offerring 24 bit wordlength and samplingfrequencies from 32 kHz up to 192 kHz. There are 6 analgue inputs, 4 of which are equipped with traditional high-quality Nagra microphone preamplifiers. There are also 2 AES inputs. It is fitted with a full SMPTE/EBU time code sytem including a chase synchronizer. Internal pogrammable digital filters and monitoring for Ambisonic microphones are included as standard.Available in a choice of three colours (Slate grey, Midnight blue and Burgundy red) allowing owners of two or more recorders easily identify a particular unit. The NAGRA VI is supplied with two plastic handles which serve to protect the front of the unit from accidental damage, but can also be used to carry the recorder. A carrying case, shoulder strap are also supplied for over-the-shoulder operation. The NAGRA VI is delivered with a removable battery box containing a lithium-ion battery pack, a mains power supply and is equipped with a 120GB internal hard disk.NVI legs The supplied metal supporting legs can be easily attached to the case screws to elevate the front of the recorder when used on a table top. They can be fitted with or without the carying case which is also supplied with the standard NAGRA VI package. This gives a more comfortable viewing angle of the colour TFT display when used on a table top or sound cart. This blue fronted Nagra VI shows the carrying handles supplied with the recorder. They serve not only to assist in carrying the Nagra VI but also to protect the front of the recorder from damage but also from accidental alteration of the front panel controls. The Blue-fronted machine has white flashes on the potentiomenters. Nagra VI with a blue front panel Nagra VI (red)This picture shows a Burgundy red Nagra VI in its textile carrying case with the plastic cover folded back. The carrying handles have been replaced with the padded shoulder strap. Both sides of the case are equipped with Velcro-edged openings for all the cables, and a large pocket is fitted on the top. The legs above can also be installed while the case is fitted if desired. Audio inputsIt offers six independent analogue audio inputs. Inputs 1 – 4 are equipped with traditional NAGRA microphone pre-amplifiers for dynamic and phantom +48V microphones and menu selectable sensitivity for different microphone types. These pre-amplifiers are a combination of those developed for the NAGRA V and NAGRA-D and are without doubt the best audio inputs NAGRA has ever designed. An audio limiter can be selected for each of these inputs and these can be ganged in pairs if desired. These totally new concept input circuits offer the best specifications ever produced by any NAGRA in terms of pure audio quality. The four In-house transformers offer fully floating inputs for the dynamic microphones, giving a greatly improved signal-to-noise ratio. The remaining two analogue inputs are LINE level inputs for connection to other equipment supplying a line level signal, such as radio receivers. When set to the LINE position all 6 analogue inputs will accept up to +24dB. The two input connections (channels 5 + 6) double up as 2 AES inputs (A and B) when selected to digital input mode. A…
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