Music Man Classic Stingray 4 Mn Black

Music Man Classic Stingray 4 Mn BlackMusic Man Classic Stingray 4 Mn Black Music Man
CLASSIC STINGRAY – BIRDSEYE MAPLE NECK – ROSEWOOD FINGERBOARD – BLACKRecently, the Ernie Ball company celebrated its 25th Anniversary with the state-of-the-art technology and designs that have been driving Music Man into the future. Now in 2010 EBMM brings the past to the forefront with the introduction of the Music Man Classic Collection.The new Ernie Ball/Music Man Classic Collection instruments are modern renditions of an era that brought Music Man to the forefront of Instrument design. These basses are not intended to be exact reproductions of original instruments, rather a celebration of unique features and cosmetics coveted by collectors and players alike. MM decided that combining past and present popular design elements with 1st issue cosmetic features from the 1970´s, would result in a bass loaded with Vintage vibe and appeal. These classic inspired Instruments will make collectors and MM Stingray fans proud!Features that create the Classic lineup of Instruments:Slab Ash Body(no contours)Maple Neck with 70´s Neck CarveRosewood Fingerboard7.5 inch Radius2 Band EQ Active Electronics with Cut and Boost Capabilities21 FretsChrome Battery CoverAlnico Magnets(Sterling Bass-Ceramic)Standard Nut width 1 3/4White Plastic Melamine nutFinished Neck and Fingerboard(Maple)BO# Serial Numbers in Sequential Order on bridge plateMed-Thin fret profileHeadstock decal from the 70´s era bassesPopular Vintage finishes including Mint Green, Coral Red, Powder Blue, Classic White, Tobacco Sunburst and Black.The 6 bolt neck design and modern truss rod wheel were also retained as an improvement for ease of adjustment which is much more efficient then the Micro Tilt/Bullet Truss design of yesteryear. The current classic Stingrays are in most cases much lighter than the originals (The weight of 70´s era instruments have always been an issue). The tone is very reminiscent of the originals featuring a 2 band cut and boost EQ, Ash body and polyester finished maple neck.
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