Muramatsu Gx-iii-rbo

Muramatsu Gx-iii-rboMuramatsu Gx-iii-rbo Muramatsu
The GX model has the warm and mellow sound of a handmade flute with silver head and body. This is an all sterling silver flute except for the silver plated German silver key mechanism. This instrument will thrill those who have the opportunity to experience it. Yet, the price of this model is less than other professional flutes that do not offer the high quality and impeccable construction standards exemplified in all Muramatsu flutes.- Solid silver Headjoint and tube- German silver key mechanism with silver plated- Open holes- B-foot- Offset G
Blasinstrumente , Querflöten, Forteschrittene-Querflöten, Silber Korpus & Kopfstück