Muramatsu Ds-rci

Muramatsu Ds-rciMuramatsu Ds-rci Muramatsu
The DS model is the highest quality sterling silver flute with drawn tone holes made by Muramatsu. It has quick response and the ability to produce beautiful legato and sharp staccato. These qualities are made possible by the drawn tone holes fabricated with our extremely high precision technology. The lip plate makes playing easy and allows the flute to respond to a wide range of subtle variations in tone color. The mechanism is constructed by our skilled craftsmen with techniques developed over a long period of time.- Solid silver headjoint, body and mecanism- Open holes- C-foot- Inline G
Blasinstrumente , Querflöten, Forteschrittene-Querflöten, Silber Korpus & Kopfstück
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