Meinl Helix Bowl

Meinl Helix BowlMeinl Helix Bowl Meinl
This is one of the most unusual sounding and streamlined instruments I have cooked up! The resonance is really deep and spacey, yet so easy to control. The helix is designed to be accessible in almost any direction, so you can develop lots of different stroke textures. The manipulation of the resonator bowl against your belly can give you a mysterious ´´Shamanic” sound, like a berimbau or wah-wah tube. It’s kind of a jungle sound from outer space.”The MEINL Helix Bowl is a wonderful new instrument consisting of a steel helix welded to a resonating chamber. The Helix Bowl is either stroke or struck, and is played off the body in the manner of a berimbau, for a deep resonating wah-wah effect. Optional dampening is possible with just a touch of a finger.Material Special steel alloyIncludes Metal beaterFinish Black nickel
Drums, Percussion, Hand-Percussions, Spezial Effekte
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