Majestic M7550p – 5 Octaves Composite Bars

Majestic M7550p - 5 Octaves Composite BarsMajestic M7550p – 5 Octaves Composite Bars Majestic
Majestic Artist marimbas resonator’s are individually made with thicker material, increasing the strength of the entire set. For Artist series marimbas, adjustable resonator stabilizers enable the player to fine-tune adjustments due to changes humidity and to ensure tonal quality and optimal resonance and acoustic fidelity. The time-honored curved shape is representative of the luxurious style of the golden age, and the offset arch resonators are specially designed using computerized technology.The height adjustment feature on the legs provides effortless adjustments and increases balance and stability, which in turn leads to enhanced durability and functionality. Artist series marimbas, in general, have the light weight design to permit easy movement, fast and quick assembly and multi-functional usage for both professionals and schools.Artist Series M7550P MarimbaOctave : 5Range : C2 – C7Bar : SyntheticBar Sizes : 38 ~ 76 mmLength : 273 cmWidth : low end : 89 cm ; high end : 65 cmHeight : 90 ~ 115 cmWeight: 314 Lbs
Drums, Orchester Schlagwerk, Marimba