Majestic 26 – Harmonic Copper Bowl

Majestic 26 - Harmonic Copper BowlMajestic 26 – Harmonic Copper Bowl Majestic
KETTLESeamless deep drawn copper, polished (smooth) finish FRAMECast aluminum frame with folding legs and pedal arm that allow the drum to fold up for transport. Brakes on casters provide secure hold when in place. Internal mechanism with outer tension blocks.PEDALBalance style with distinctively light, smooth action.TUNINGLarge, easy to read adjustable tuning gauge standard. Full range of up to 1 octave per drum.HEADSRemo ® Renaissance™SET-UPHarmonic timpani may be ordered in either American or German set-up. Tuning gauges will be placed accordingly.
Drums, Orchester Schlagwerk, Pauken