Lebayle Metal Lr 8 – Tenor

Lebayle Metal Lr 8 - TenorLebayle Metal Lr 8 – Tenor Lebayle
Ronde Chamber The sound of this mouthpiece is brighter than LRII But with a lot of powerfulThe smooth curve makes for a warm and round sound and enables an easy sound productionwith the great projection of a modern mouthpiece.The hand finished refacing makes for a superior mouthpiece that will satisfythe needs of a professional as well as students.The LR has a deep rounded chamber, straight it side wallsand a long sloping floor with just a slight roll to the baffle below the tip.A very big sound for sure!This chamber come between a Jazz chamber and LRII chamber
Blasinstrumente , Saxophone, Saxophon Zubehör, Saxophon Mundstücke, Tenor Saxophon Mundstücke