Ld Systems Ld Ws 1000 G2 Hhc

Ld Systems Ld Ws 1000 G2 HhcLd Systems Ld Ws 1000 G2 Hhc Ld Systems
The LD Systems WS 1000 G2 is an advanced LICENSE FREE* 96 channel true diversity UHF wireless microphone systemdelivering natural sound with a wide dynamic range, high S/N ratio and low THD in both the 823 – 832 and 863 – 865 MHz bands. The WS 1000 G2 allows the use of up to 5 systems simultaneously and ships in various configurations. You can choose between dynamic or condenser handheld microphones, a beltpack transmitter with either a headset, lavalier-microphone, clip-on wind instrument microphone or guitar adaptor cable. It provides consistent audio transmission from 60 Hz to 16 kHz. Handhelds and beltpack feature convenient LCD indication of channel, group and battery status. Automatic channel scanningand the backlit multifunction receiver display facilitate system setup and operation. The operating time ranges up to 13 hours with high quality AA batteries. All WS 1000 G2 systems come with a rugged ABS plastic carrying case.* license free: ISM-Band license free in Europe, please check duplex gap on a country-by-country basisSet composed of:• 1 x LDWS1000G2MC• 1 x LDWS1000G2R• Model name: LDWS1000G2MC• Product type: Handheld microphone transmitter• Radio frequency range: 823 – 832 and 863 – 865 MHz• Channels: 96 (8 groups of 12 channels)• Microphone type: condenser• Directional characteristic: cardioid• Audio frequency response: 60 Hz – 16 kHz• RF output: 10 mW• Controls: Power On/Off• Indicators: LC display• Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V AA• Operating time: up to 13 hrs., battery-dependent• Length: 252 mm• Diameter: 50 mm• Model name: LDWS1000G2R• Product type: Receiver• Type: True Diversity• Radio frequency range: 823 – 832 and 863 – 865 MHz• Channels: 96 (8 groups of 12 channels)• Antenna inputs: 2• Antenna connector: TNC• Frequency response: 60 Hz – 16 kHz• Noise suppression: Squelch• THD: • S/N ratio: > 100 dB• Unbalanced audio output: XLR – 12 dBV (600 ohms) / 6.3 mm TRS – 18 dBV (3 kohms)• Controls: Power On/Off, Set, Up, Down, ASC• Indicators: LC display, 2 x 6-segment RF (A/B), antenna active (A/B), 7-segment AF• Power supply: 12 – 18 V DC• Width: 212 mm• Height: 44 mm• Depth: 160 mm
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