Ibanez Sr Sr505bm Mahogany

Ibanez Sr Sr505bm MahoganyIbanez Sr Sr505bm Mahogany Ibanez
the basics * Thinner necks with thinner nuts than traditional basses. Sleek bodies that are lightweight, balanced and comfort-contoured. * A vast array of different models including neck-thru-body, fretless and left-handed. * Active EQ´s perfectly matched with the right choice of active electronics. * New SR300FM flame maple models add distinctive high-end appearance at a low-cost price. * GSR Soundgear basses, the world´s best selling basses, provide the looks, tone and comfort.and the same rigorous set-up and inspection.of our most expensive basses.SPECneck type 5pc SR5 Wenge/Bubinga neckbody Mahogany bodyfret Medium fretsbridge Accu-Cast B25 bridge (16.5mm string spacing)neck pu Bartolini® MK1 neck pubridge pu Bartolini® MK1 bridge pupreamp Bartolini® MK1 3-band eq 5pc Wenge/Bubinga neckSR500s´ 5pc Wenge/Bubinga neck construction combines exceptional strength and stability with extraordinary playability.
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