Francois Louis Basic – Versilbert (grosse Xl)

Francois Louis Basic - Versilbert (grosse Xl)Francois Louis Basic – Versilbert (grosse Xl) Francois Louis
The Basic Ligature combines all advantages of the Ultimate Ligature Pure Brass (–Brass Brace –tightened by a single Top Screw –Longitudinal Contact with the Mouthpiece and Reed) with an easier production process using a ´´Pre-formed” Brass Brace.This offers a High Class ligature at an affordable price for all the players who want to experiment with the sound quality of the ligature.The ´´Basic Ligature” is lighter and less resistant and will be perfect for those who don’t want to work too hard to produce a free and deep sound.
Blasinstrumente , Saxophone, Saxophon Zubehör, Saxophon Blattschrauben & -kapseln, Tenor Saxophon Blattschrauben