Fostex Pc 100usb

Fostex Pc 100usbFostex Pc 100usb Fostex
Model PC-100USB is a high grade version of PC-1(W) that converts USB digital audio signal to analog signal to feed to powered monitor speakers such as PM0.4n, PM0.5n etc. for high quality reproduction of computer audio . The volume for the left and right monitors can be controlled simultaneously at your handy position. It also offers a headphone out (stereo mini) for head-phone monitoring.SpecificationsUSB connector :- Connector type: RCA jack- Sampling frequency (Hz) / Bit rate: 32k, 44.1k, 48k / 16bitOUTPUT (L,R) connectors :- Connector type: RCA jack- Nominal output level: 6dBv- Applicable load impedance: 10k ohmPHONES connector :- Connector type: 3.5mm stereo mini jack- Maximum output power: 5mW + 5mW (32 ohm load, THD – Applicable load impedance : 32 ohm or moreGeneral :- Power requirement: USB bus power (5V, 500mA)- Max Power Consumption:- 2.5W- Dimensions: 66 (W) x 44 (H) x 70 (D) mm- Weight: Approx. 190g- Supplied accessories: USB2.0 cable (Type A
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