Ecler Hak-360

Ecler Hak-360Ecler Hak-360 Ecler
ETERNAL magnetic crossfaderThe HAK 360 equippes the second generation of ETERNAL contactless technology magnetic crossfader. The ETERNAL has been improved for an even better sound and performance.The ETERNAL crossfader has a warranty of 5 years and was awarded by the prestigious DJ Magazine back in 2003.High end sound qualityThe HAK 360 simply features today´s best analog components available in the market. Last but not least, it employs an oversized internal power supply providing the best sound dynamics and rating the most excellent signal/noise ratio.Professional shape adjustmentsThe curves of the crossfader and faders are adjustable through a potentiometer with a very wide range of curves from the fastest scratch to the smoothest contour. A HAMSTER switch allows reversing the crossfade and fading function.CUT switchesThe HAK 360 features brand new fat designed CUT switches, extremely smooth and durable. The switches are multidirectional, offering 8 adjustments accessible by removing the front panel.Advanced monitoring systemFor a very complete sound mastering, the HAK 360 allows the performer to monitor both PGM (Master signal) and/or PFL (Pre-fader signal) through the VU-METER as well as a powerful headphone system.For pre-fader listening, a MONITOR-MIX crossfader is active when the PGM/PFL switch selector is in PFL position; then direct crossfading between PFL input 1 and PFL input 2 is possible. On PGM position the mixer can be fully performed through the headphones. A 0dB LED nearby the MASTER1 level knob allows to easily control the Output level.Effect send switchesThe switches allows the DJ to send the PGM1 or/and PGM2 post fader stereo signal to effect external devices through the EFF output. The already processed signal is returned to the main bus through the MIX input.BalanceOne Balance short slider per channel allows the DJ to execute Stereo-Pan-Scratches in a fast and easy fading manipulation.Powerful 3 band EQThe HAK 320 features a High/Mid/Low Band EQ that allows the DJ to boost tones up to +10 dB and CUT them down to -25/-30 dB! The EQ is horizontally displayed for an easier and faster manipulation.Master Out 1 & 2 and REC outputTwo completely independent high-powered main program outputs. OUT 1 (0dBV), controlled through Master 1, is electronically balanced and with XLR3 connectors. OUT 2, adjusted at a nominal +6dB level, is controlled through Master 2, is non-balanced and with RCA-cinch connectors for monitoring or session output, and finally a recording REC output with RCA.SessionThe HAK 360 features a SESSION Input that allows the DJ to organize a Mixing Session with others in a daisy chain formation. The SESSION potentiometer allows adjusting the level of the foregoing DJ connected to the HAK 360.
Deejay, Mischpulte, 2 Kanal
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