Contest Contestage Tot-100

Contest Contestage Tot-100Contest Contestage Tot-100 Contest
Totem – Height: 100 cm4 x Tubes, 2 x Baseplates, 2 x Connection kits and 1 x Lycra fabricISO DIN 4113 and TUV certified.Made of 50mm aluminium alloy (EN AW 6082 T6, diameter 50 mm, thickness 2 mm). The Totems are supplied with a 50 mm aluminium pipes and a Lycra fabric.You can show your projectors off placing another projector inside the totem without any unwanted shadow.Supplied with :- 4 x 50mm Tubes- 2 x Baseplates- 2 x Connection kits- 1 x Lycra fabric- Height: 100 cm
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