Contest Contestage Pltl-1×1

Contest Contestage Pltl-1x1Contest Contestage Pltl-1×1 Contest
Mobile 1 x 1m stage platform 500Kg/m² * – blackDelivered without feetATTENTION !In accordance with the standard NFE85-015: – Maximum height of 100cm is allowed with two stacked risers – A handrail should be installed if the height to climb is more than 50cm.These provisions are not exhaustive. For other regulations, check the standard mentioned above.ATTENTION TO THE SOIL CAPACITYA loose ground can harm the safety of the installation.Please distribute the weights uniformly over the entire surface of the platform.ABOUT HANDRAILS & STAIRSA handrail must be installed as soon as the drop height is more than 50cm.A stair lower or equal to 120 cm must have at least one handrail.FIRE RESISTANCEFire resistance class Bfl-S1It complies with European standard EN13501-1 + A1: 2010500 kg /m² distributed over the whole surfaceof the platform with risers feet up to 60 cm- Material : Aluminium / 12mm plywood- Size : 1 x 1 meter- Thickness : 55 mm- Load bearing capacity : 500 Kg/m²- Finishing : Black- Weight : 12.10 Kg
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