Bach Stradivarius Lr180ml 37/25 Klarlack Lackiert

Bach Stradivarius Lr180ml 37/25 Klarlack LackiertBach Stradivarius Lr180ml 37/25 Klarlack Lackiert Bach
Sold without mouthpiece and without case.Meeting the needs of amateurs and advanced students. Professional musicians worldwide recognize the Bach name for outstanding quality. The same American craftsmen that build the professional Bach Stradivarius instruments also create the intermediate and beginner Bach models. Using many of the same materials and methods as the Stradivarius line, Bach trumpets, cornets, and fluegelhorn represent an outstanding value. Bach 200 series instruments serve the needs of amateurs and advanced students. The TR200 trumpet incorporates a durable Stradivarius-style, one-piece brass valve casing. The engraved bell and nickel silver trim enhance appearance for pride in ownership. Beginners will progress rapidly on Bach 300 series models. The TR300H features the preferred medium-large (.459) bore with a #37 bell and #6 mouthpipe to give the sound demanded by professionals, along with the openness that students require. A first valve slide thumb hook allows for precise intonation adjustments like on professional models. The nickel silver receiver prevents stuck mouthpieces. One-point nylon valve guides allow for noiseless action and swift, accurate port alignment. The CR310 cornet incorporates the Shepherd´s crook design in producing the traditional dark British brass band sound.
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