Auralex Acoustics D108l Dst Roominator Kit Burgundy

Auralex Acoustics D108l Dst Roominator Kit BurgundyAuralex Acoustics D108l Dst Roominator Kit Burgundy Auralex Acoustics
!Roominator-DST Kits span a wide variety of applications, addressing the acoustic andaesthetic needs of the small project studio as well as the most demanding professionalmix/mastering environments.The Roominators D108L offers you all the components you need to attack the acoustics ofa smaller Project Studio, and gives you a very professional appearance. The 1´ x 1´ panelsallow you to spread absorption throughout the room in some fantastic patterns. The D108Lis also excellent for smaller Home Theaters and can give you an elegant look that willimpress even your non-musical friends. Two D108L Kits may be appropriate for mediumsizedstudios and home theaters, as well as live rooms and rehearsal spaces.The D108L has 54 Charcoal Gray DST-112s, 54 DST-114, in your choice of Charcoal Gray,Purple, Burgundy or Blue. For low-end absorption, we´ve included 8 DST-LENRDs inCharcoal Gray. 6 TubeTak Pro adhesives complete the kit.
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