Aqualele Aqualele Konzert Grün

Aqualele Aqualele Konzert GrünAqualele Aqualele Konzert Grün Aqualele
Very popular in the 50’s (with brands like Maccaferri whose models are now very sought after), the plastic ukulele is fashionable again. But how can we explain that sudden interest for this lovely plastic instrument?First of all because it’s a «no-stress» instrument : you can forget it on the couch, leave it under the rear window of the car for an entire afternoon, let the kids play with it, take it with you to the beach or on a boat… All sorts of things incompatible with a wooden ukulele, too fragile!The Aqualele is the perfect travel companion : whatever your destination, the ABS plastic structure will be completely insensitive to temperature or humidity differences. Add to that a black Deluxe padded bag with great looking silver piping, and you really start to understand how cool this ukulele is.But the other real good surprise of the Aqualele is… its sound!!! Besides its perfect intonation, it has also got power, projection and a very rich sound. Proof is : out of 100 persons that have passed the blind test, not a single one thought it was a plastic instrument.Technical Specifications:- Concert Ukulele- Injected ABS Plastic- Sound hole on the upper side- Printed F-hole- Plastic pickguard- Slotted headstock- Vintage style tuning machines- 18 frets fingerboard- 38 cm scale- Width at Nut 34mm- Body thickness 7.5 cm- Total length 56 cm- Tuning DO MI SOL LA (C, E G, A)- Available in 4 different colors- Comes with Deluxe padded bag.
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