2box 10400 – Trigit Set Trigger Complete Set 1x Kick – 4x Stereo

2box 10400 - Trigit Set Trigger Complete Set 1x Kick - 4x Stereo2box 10400 – Trigit Set Trigger Complete Set 1x Kick – 4x Stereo 2box
The best bang of both worldsAre you looking for authentic playability and the looks of a classic drum set on stage?Are you one of those who just want to nail their sounds live and the studio, whether acoustic or electronic? In that case, nothing beats adding a drum module to your acoustic kit. Simple, right? Yep, simple, provided you use the right tools.Using acoustic drum triggers has never been easier and better looking than with the all-new 2BOX TrigIt!Live on stageIf you need a consistently steady drum sound every night, if you’re fed up with time-consuming sound checks but don’t want to skimp on power and impact, small tweaks to your kit can do wonders.Turn your existing acoustic drum kit into a cutting-edge ´´Drum Sound Station”: the TrigIt triggers installed on your drums can be connected to just about any drum module. The new 2BOX triggers are designed to work with all sound modules on the market. If you are still looking for a drum module, consider 2BOX’s DrumIt Five module. The TrigIt triggers are a perfect match for this electronic drum module: taking full advantage of the module’s special settings and features, they unleash its true power. This combination offers lightning-fast response time and an unprecedented dynamic range.In the studioRecording drum tracks has never been easier. Today’s recording software solutions offer several ways of recording drums. One possibility would be to record your drum track as a MIDI fi le. But what if you do not have an all-electronic drum set? With TrigIt triggers and a drum module, you can turn your acoustic kit into a MIDI controller and record your drums anytime and everywhere. And even while recording your acoustic set with microphones, the TrigIt triggers can be used to add a MIDI version to your drum parts, allowing you to swap sounds at the mixing stage if the snare doesn’t feel right for the song, or to add some extra oomph to the kick and/or toms.-> Combine any acoustic drum with any electronic drum module->Professional-sounding drums even with old or poorly tuned drumheads->Different sounds and styles with only one drum set->Practice without keeping the neighbors awake (using silent heads) and discover how adorable they actually are…->Flexible sound options: trigger percus-sion or sound effects via the rim (2-channel triggering)
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