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Selmer Paris Saint Louis A …

Selmer Paris Saint Louis A  ...Selmer Paris – Selmer Paris Saint Louis A Clarinet
Commemorating the gold medal won at the 1904 World’s Fair. The successful outcome of 100 years of technical expertise and profound communication with artists, it features a versatile personality to meet the needs of many different playing styles. Rich, open sound, easy blowing emission, broad dynamics, balanced tuning, and great projection are the perfect manifestation of the Selmer Paris philosophy of clarinet manufacture. Key of A; standard Boehm keys (17 keys, 6 rings) with left-hand Eb/Ab lever; .573″ bore; 2 conical bore barrels-2.62″ and 2.56″; stabilized grenadilla wood barrels, body joints, and bell; leather pads and resonator pads on the 3 low notes; metal tenon sockets; adjustable thumb rest.Only 100 will be soldRich, open soundEasy blowing emissionBroad dynamicsBalanced tuningGreat projection
Selmer Paris, A Clarinets A16SL

Allora Aaac-304 A …

Allora Aaac-304 A  ...Allora – Allora Aaac-304 A Clarinet
The Allora model AAAC-304 intermediate level clarinet proves that it is possible to create an instrument that plays easily, is in tune, and has excellent projection while remaining affordable. With the Boehm key system, this instrument has remarkable intonation for a clarinet of this price. A weather resistant hard rubber body has a rich, warm tone and makes the AAAC-304 A clarinet suitable for any school program. Includes molded case, mouthpiece, ligature and capThe Allora line of instruments was developed to offer the student musician an excellent start to their music career, at prices that parents can afford. Each Allora instrument design has been painstakingly researched and play-tested by woodwind specialists. Allora instruments meet exacting standards for intonation, comfort, and mechanical reliability.Durable hard rubber body, barrel, and bell Silver plated keysBoehm (French) Key systemUnder cut tone holesIncludes: molded case, mouthpiece, ligature and cap
Allora, A Clarinets Allora 125865

Buffet Crampon Divine A Professional …

Buffet Crampon Divine A Professional  ...Buffet Crampon – Buffet Crampon Divine A Professional Clarinet A Soprano Clarinet
In collaboration with Buffet-Crampon workshops and internationallly renowned clarinetists, Paul Meyer worked on the research project for developing new acoustics, resulting in the Divine clarinet. The word ‘divine’ conjures such qualities as beauty, splendour, and awe; a level of perfection. It is a word of high praise with connotations of purity and light. This is the Buffet-Crampon Divine A Professional Clarinet.This model benefits from having the same hole placement as the Tosca model which allows for better intonation in every register.The improved bore favors flexible register-crossing and free blowing during the most demanding pieces. The Divine clarinet comes with two barrels – 65mm (442hz) and 66mm (440hz) – which fit with both the Bb and the A model.The Divine is made of grenadilla wood with specific upper joint Green Line tone-hole slots eliminating air leaks on tone-holes most prone to crack. The carbon wire (a Buffet Crampon patent), which replaces the metal rings, makes the clarinet 60 grams lighter and thus contributes to its exceptional balance with greater vibration and less restriction.As with the Tosca model, the Divine clarinets are equipped with a low F correction key.New keywork and spatulas enhance the clarinet’s ergonomics without destabilizing the musician’s capabilities.Whereas the Tosca clarinet was the R13 bore’s top range model, the Divine features the Buffet Crampon RC bore’s latest evolution. This new range of clarinet represents a major step forward in Buffet Crampon’s history, by fusing technical expertise with unparalleled craftsmanship in French wind instrument manufacturing. NOTE: Buffet does not include a mouthpiece with this instrument.Spectacular craftsmanshipSelect woodExcellent intonationLight and perfectly balancedExquisite toneNOTE: Buffet does not include a mouthpiece with this instrument
Buffet Crampon, A Clarinets BC1260L-2-0

Buffet Crampon Rc Prestige A …

Buffet Crampon Rc Prestige A  ...Buffet Crampon – Buffet Crampon Rc Prestige A Clarinet
Carefully chosen quality materials, the talents of the best craftsmen, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled skills come together in the RC Prestige. The smaller, French bore (which extends into the bell) provides more focus and warmth. The masterful keywork responds easily and evenly.Prestige RC clarinet designed by Robert Carre with special inside bell shape for better sound emission, 18 silver plated keys and 6 rings, auxiliary Eb lever, undercut tone holes, metal tenon caps, GORE-TEX pads, adjustable thumb rest, deluxe naugahyde covered wood shell case with plush interior.Most clarinetists purchasing an instrument with this level of distinction have particular preferences in terms of mouthpieces, so the Tosca Bb Clarinet is priced and shipped without one. A fine-quality, French-made HB ligature is included. The HB is a silver-plated metal ligature that is very easy-blowing and provides a round, centered and brilliant sound as well as a superior dtach in the upper register.Finest materials and workmanshipImpeccable tone and mechanicsTimeless designTop quality case and ligature included
Buffet Crampon, A Clarinets BC1206L-2-0*-468460

Leblanc Model 7182 Contrabass …

Leblanc Model 7182 Contrabass  ...Leblanc – Leblanc Model 7182 Contrabass Clarinet
Vito model 7182 contrabass clarinet is pitched one octave lower than the bass clarinet. Its deep, dark tone adds incredible richness to the bass section of any ensemble.It is in the key of Bb and features a 1.182″ bore, one-piece body, Resotone wood-like finish, nickel-plated keys, and a range to low Eb.Key of BBb1.182″ boreOne-piece bodyResotone wood-like finishNickel plated keysRange to low Eb
Leblanc, Bass Clarinets L7182

Besson Be968 Sovereign Series Compensating …

Besson Be968 Sovereign Series Compensating  ...Buffet Crampon – Besson Be968 Sovereign Series Compensating Euphonium
The Besson BE968 Sovereign Series Compensating Euphonium is a true testament to British manufacturing. This euphonium features improved intonation in the lower register and has a patented spring damper set. Its mouthpipe is connected by a brace which encourages more free vibrations. The compensating valve system creates smooth, quiet action. This euphonium has a .590″ bore and an 11-1/4″ bell. Equipped with a case and mouthpiece, the Besson BE968 is available in a lacquer or silver finish.Premium materialsTwo barrelsSilver-plated keysGore-Tex and cork padsCase, swab and HB ligature includedHandcrafted in France
Buffet Crampon, Eb Clarinets BC1550L-2-0

Jupiter Jcl-700 Student Model Bb …

Jupiter Jcl-700 Student Model Bb  ...Jupiter – Jupiter Jcl-700 Student Model Bb Clarinet
The Jupiter JCL-700 is a quality student model clarinet, perfect for the beginner or the advancing student. It features a .577″ bore, offset trill keys, 65mm barrel, ABS resin, matte finish, nickel-silver bell ring, comfortable C/G key riser, undercut toneholes, forged nickel-plated nickel silver keys, and adjustable thumb rest. The JCL-700 comes with an adjustable neck strap and an ABS molded case.Good toneAccurate intonationResists crackingComes with case
Jupiter, Student Bb Clarinets JCL-700