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Traps Drums Power Pads Fusion …

Traps Drums Power Pads Fusion  ...Traps Drums – Traps Drums Power Pads Fusion Set
This set of Power Pads by Traps Drums will convert any Fusion sized acoustic kit to electronic in seconds. Great for silent practice, they easily fit on your acoustic shells, and are fun to play, the Power Pads let you play your drum kit with almost no audible sound. Simply place the pads on your drums, plug them in, and put your headphones on.This Fusion sized pack includes pads and triggers for a 14″ snare, 10″, 12″ and 14″ toms, and any sized bass drum.Also included in this pack are an electronic drum module, color-coded cable harness, 3 cymbals (hi-hat, crash and ride) and a hi-hat switch. Power Pads are constructed from very high-quality, durable ABS and have silencer inlays and acoustic foam underneath. The color-coded cable system makes setup straightforward and allows easy removal and replacement of the pads. This system will transform your drum kit from acoustic to electronic in minutes.E450 Drum Module:This module is packed full of features that put the control in your hands. Onboard recording enables you to lay down grooves, play them back, and store up to 10 different User Songs you created. It also features a clickIncludes:(1) 14″ snare pad/trigger(1) 10″ tom pad/trigger(1) 12″ tom pad/trigger (1) 14″ floor tom pad/trigger (1) bass drum pad/trigger (one size fits all)(1) E450 Electronic drum moduleColor-coded cable harness(1) hi-hat(1) crash(1) ride(1) hi-hat switch E450 Drum Module:Onboard RecordingClick track with tempo adjustChange and save Instruments/volumes and moreAdjust reverb/surround/pan sounds and moreEast to read display1/4″ connectorsKick pad:Fits any size bass drumAttaches with VelcroSnare and tom pads:Constructed from a very high quality and durable ABSFitted with silencer inlays and acoustic foamCymbals:Internal triggersSoft Pad to damp out stick noise
Traps Drums, Electronic Drum Modules PPF500

Dw Design Series Acrylic Bass Drum With …

Dw Design Series Acrylic Bass Drum With  ...DW – Dw Design Series Acrylic Bass Drum With Chrome Hardware 22 X 18 In. Clear
DW has taken their custom drum-making experience and infused it into professional, quality drums that set a new standard for quality and affordability. This Design Series Acrylic Bass Drum is a DW through and through. From the Remo USA-made heads, a sleek silver and white badge, low-mass die cast claw hooks, and more.100% Seamless acrylic shellsLow-mass die-cast claw hooksSilver and white DW badgeRemo USA heads
DW, Bass Drums DDAC1822KKCL

Ludwig 6.5X14″ Classic Maple Snare Drum W/ …

Ludwig 6.5X14Ludwig – Ludwig 6.5X14″ Classic Maple Snare Drum W/ P85 Throw Off 14 X 6.5 In. Red Sparkle
Ludwig’s wood snares have remained popular throughout the company’s nearly 100-year history. The Classic Maple all-maple 7-ply shell features the clarity and warmth players have come to expect from maple drums, plus the projection and musicality that has maintained Ludwig’s reputation for snare drum innovation and excellence.To increase stability through out the drum, all Ludwig USA shells are produced using a process involving their original bladder molds, R.F.S.T.’s (Radio Frequency Shell Technology) unique bonding system – combined with a specialized, time-tested adhesive – cures each shell evenly over the entire surface of the shell. This process is truly a principal ingredient in creating the “Ludwig Sound” in every shell they make.This snare is fitted with Ludwig’s renowned Classic Lugs, a Cast Brass Badges and a P-85 throw-off.ConfigurationSnare Size: 14″ x 6-1/2″Total Pieces: 1ExtrasCase or Bag: Not ApplicableStand: Not ApplicableShellsShell Material:MapleShell Construction: 7-PlyShell Thickness (mm): 6Bearing Edge:45Reinforcement Ring: NoHardwareHardware Material:SteelHoop Type: Single-flangeLugs: StandardThrow-Off: Tap-StyleInternal muffler: NoSnares: SteelOtherHeads: BrandedFinish Type: WrapCountry of Origin: United States
Ludwig, Snare Drums LS403XX27

Outlaw Drums Red Oak Stave Snare Drum With …

Outlaw Drums Red Oak Stave Snare Drum With  ...OUTLAW DRUMS – Outlaw Drums Red Oak Stave Snare Drum With Black Chrome Hardware 14 X 6.5 In. White Wash
This beautiful Solid Red Oak Stave Snare from Outlaw Drums offers dry, explosive punch with quick sustain and great. It is a perfect choice for any genre and performs well on stage as well in a studio setting. Custom handcrafted from quality lumber in the U.S.A, this drum features a 45-degree bearing edge and stave construction for greater sound from compared to ply construction.This snare is fitted with heavy-duty 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops to endure the meatiest rimshots you can produce. Also, a Dunnett throw-off will give you smooth action and multiple positioning options (R7 only). The shell is commissioned with an antique brass Outlaw Drums “Ranger” badge and is powered by 20 snare wires.ConfigurationSnare size: Multiple sizesTotal Pieces: 1ExtrasCase or Bag: Not applicableStand: Not applicableShellsShell material: OakShell construction: StaveShell thickness (mm): Info Not AvailableBearing edge: 45Reinforcement ring: NoHardwareHardware material: SteelHoop type: Triple-flangeLugs: TubeThrow-off: Swivel/LeverInternal muffler: NoSnares: SteelOtherHeads: BrandedFinish type: SatinCountry of origin: United States

Zildjian Kerope Ride Cymbal 22 …

Zildjian Kerope Ride Cymbal 22  ...Zildjian – Zildjian Kerope Ride Cymbal 22 In.
The Kerope Series draws upon all of Zildjian’s rich history and cymbal-making expertise to bring forth the most authentic vintage K recreation to date. Each cymbal is meticulously hand-crafted using a 14-step process that encompasses the best of everything Zildjian has learned in 390 years of cymbal making.Dark and complex. Reminiscent of cymbals from the ’50s and ’60s yet distinctly modern and relevant for today’s music.
Zildjian, Ride Cymbals KR22R

Fancy Pans Chromatic Double Lead Compact …

Fancy Pans Chromatic Double Lead Compact  ...Fancy Pans – Fancy Pans Chromatic Double Lead Compact Pan
Fancy Pans Steel Drums has been manufacturing steel drum instruments since 1993. Harmonically tuned to A 440, these instruments are made from new, mild steel barrels by professional craftsmen in a workshop environment. All drums are made in the U.S.A.The Compact Pro Series are mid-range drums offering additional notes and advanced playability. Perfect for either the beginner or the more advanced player. The hand movement techniques and skills learned on these drums can be easily transferred to the standard full-size instruments. Compact Pro drums are made from 18″ diameter barrels. All drums come with floor stands and playing mallets. These pan offer a 2 octave range on two drums with a 7″ skirt.Made from new, mild steel barrlesHarmonically tuned to A 440Includes a table top stand and mallets7″ SkirtMade in the U.S.A.
Fancy Pans, Steel Pan Drums 30DL