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Grover Pro G2 Symphonic Snare Drum Charcoal …

Grover Pro G2 Symphonic Snare Drum Charcoal  ...Grover Pro – Grover Pro G2 Symphonic Snare Drum Charcoal Ebony 14 X 6.5 In.
The Grover G2 Symphonic Snare Drum features a warm-toned 10-ply, 100% maple shell that is cross-laminated and offers a lifetime warranty. Crowned with sturdy die-cast hoops and “Contempo” tube lugs, this drum is fitted with the G2 trick throw-off which made of solid aircraft aluminum. Additionally, the extension angle is designed to free the snares to exit the snare head plane at an optimal 20 angle, permitting free and full snare resonance throughout the dynamic spectrum.Machined in our CNC Center10-ply, 100% maple, cross-laminated shellSleek “Contempo” tube lugsDie-cast hoopsThree snare typesGrover/Trick custom G2 throw-offNylon tension rod isolatorsLifetime warrantyDouble unit adjustable snaresAngled snare extension14 x 6-1/2″
Grover Pro, Concert Snare Drums G2-6-E

Ludwig Le-Cb Bass Drum White …

Ludwig Le-Cb Bass Drum White  ...Ludwig – Ludwig Le-Cb Bass Drum White 20X36
These powerful bass drums feature shells that are die-molded, cross-laminated, and constructed of 9-ply birch and maple. Triple chrome-plated, self-aligning lugs, and all-wood hoops. White finish.Cross-laminated 9-ply birch/maple shellsTriple chrome-plated, self-aligning lugsAll-wood hoopsWhite finish
Ludwig, Concert Bass Drums LECB62XXF

Adams Professional Series Generation Ii …

Adams Professional Series Generation Ii  ...Adams – Adams Professional Series Generation Ii Fiberglass Timpani, Set Of 2
This timpani set comes with 2 Professional series Generation II fiberglass timpanis.Adams Professional GEN2 is the next generation in cutting-edge innovation from the world’s leading timpani maker. Adams’ all-new Patented GEN2 balanced action pedal gives you smooth extended pitch range adjustability with unprecedented accuracy and a secure hold in a balanced action mechanism.The classically inspired chrome-plated, single-flange steel suspension ring and counter hoop promote superior pitch focus and sustain by allowing unencumbered resonance from the bowl.Professional GEN2 drums each come with an integrated locking 3rd wheel assembly on the players side.The timpani’s wide-stance arched legs provide superior stability and roll effortlessly on large double-wheeled swivel casters, each with a secure double-locking mechanism.Set of 2 timpaniFiberglass bowlsPatented GEN2 Balanced Action PedalsSmooth extended pitch range adjustabilityUnprecedented accuracySecure holdChrome-plated, single-flange steel suspension rings and counter hoopsSuperior pitch focus and sustainIntegrated locking 3rd wheel assembly on the player’s sideWide-stance arched legsEach large double-wheeled swivel caster features a secure double-locking mechanism
Adams, Timpani P2FISET2

Pearl Philharmonic 6-Ply Maple Snare Drum …

Pearl Philharmonic 6-Ply Maple Snare Drum  ...Pearl – Pearl Philharmonic 6-Ply Maple Snare Drum High Gloss Walnut Bordeaux 14X5
Pearl’s Philharmonic Maple Snare delivers the power to be heard. The 6-ply 100% maple shell offers a dark, full tonal response that has become a preferred sound of orchestras and artists around the world.At the heart of the World Famous Philharmonic snare drum is the revolutionary SR-500 strainer system. The Triad Silent Strainer System provides three individual tension adjusters allowing you to fine tune the optimum tension for each type of snare material mounted on the drum and a single global adjustment knob on the butt side for quick overall tension adjustments.A proprietary combination of three unique snare sets (coated cable, stainless cable & snappy wire) using both graduated and even tensioning, offers seamless timbre overlapping and ultra-smooth dynamic transition, plus a greatly extended dynamic and sensitivity range. All snares can be effortlessly changed by simply loosening the adjuster and one drum key rod.6-Ply 100% maple shell (SST)SR-500 strainerMasterCast rimsTube lugs (10)Stainless steel tension rodsVintage snare bedsGraduated tension snaresRemo Renaissance head14x4″ or 14×5″
Pearl, Concert Snare Drums PHP1450101

Majestic Pr02a Prophonic Series Timpani …

Majestic Pr02a Prophonic Series Timpani  ...Majestic – Majestic Pr02a Prophonic Series Timpani Set
The Majestic PR02A Prophonic Series Timpani Set includes a 26″ and 29″ cambered copper kettles.Until now timpani players had to choose between either collapsible timpani without a professional sound or professional sounding timpani without the possibility of easy transport. All of the folding timpani on the market had their complete tension mechanisms inside the kettles. The newly invented and patented Prophonic timpani have finally solved the challenge of a fully suspended and free sounding timpani kettle.The Prophonic combines the superior sound quality of the Symphonic Grand series with the easy transportability of the Harmonic series. In fact, the legs around the kettle protect the copper from damage and denting. The deep cambered copper kettle is made out of a single copper sheet, from bottom to rim. The kettle is fully suspended because there is no tuning mechanism inside, no steel rims on top and no tension blocks mounted. The result is the best possible sound characteristics.Majestic Prophonic timpani are easy to travel with – 4 pieces can be moved in a larger vehicle and 2 pieces will fit inside the smallest car. They are also much easieProfessional transportable timpaniSet of 2 fits in a small carBalance style pedal systemCast aluminum suspension frames Unfolds in less than 15 secondsHandle for foldable front legOne piece copper bowl in deep cambered shape, including bearing edgetuning gaugeUp to 1 octave rangeRemo Renaissance headsAll timpani include tuning key26″ model includes mallet holder with malletsGloss polished finish
Majestic, Timpani PR02A KIT

Dynasty Signature Series Maple Concert Snare …

Dynasty Signature Series Maple Concert Snare  ...Dynasty – Dynasty Signature Series Maple Concert Snare Drum Cherry Lacquer 14X5
This Signature Concert Snare Drum from Dynasty USA features a 100%, 10-ply maple shell with die-cast hoops and a deluxe snare bridge system. The triple-cable snare system features eight stainless steel uncoated cables, six coiled wire extended snares, and eight stainless steel coated cables.This beautiful drum features machined casings, chrome-plated and a gorgeous cherry lacquer finish. Additionally, this drum is crowned with a Remo Renaissance batter head and a Remo Diplomat Renaissance snare side head.10-ply, 100% maple shellDeluxe snare bridge systemAdjustable triple-cable snare systemMachined casingsDie-cast hoopsRemo batter and resonant side headsCherry lacquer finish14 x 4″, 14 x 5″ or 14 x 6-1/2″
Dynasty, Concert Snare Drums CS-S1450C

Pearl Concert Series Snare Drum With Stand …

Pearl Concert Series Snare Drum With Stand  ...Pearl – Pearl Concert Series Snare Drum With Stand And Free Bag 14 X 6.5 In. Piano Black
The CRP Concert Series Snare from Pearl combines the look, sound, and innovation of a high end orchestral drum, with a price within school budget reach. This snare features a 6-ply, 7.5mm 100% maple shell for thick, warm and resonant tonal qualities. The CRP concert snare is specifically designed to sonically excel during the softest musical passage and all the way through a high volume crescendo.The hardware features classic-style tube lugs and Pearl’s acclaimed 2.3 mm SuperHoop II rims. An innovative mix of cable snares is at the core of the CRP concert series. Seven strands each of coated and stainless steel snare cable uniquely are angle mounted together on a single block to fit the SR-017 Snare Strainer to emulate graduated tension and maintain a constant, full bodied orchestral snare sonority.Remo Renaissance heads and a beautiful, highly polished lacquer finish allows this instrument to sound and look right at home on any stage or performance venue, from school band to professional use.ConfigurationSnare size: 14 x 5-1/2Total Pieces: 1ExtrasCase or Bag: YesStand: YesShellsShell material: MapleShell construction: 6-PlyShell thickness (mm): 7.5Bearing edge: 45Reinforcement ring: NoHardwareHardware material: SteelHoop type: Triple-flangeLugs: TubeThrow-off: SideInternal muffler: NoSnares: Info Not AvailableOtherHeads: BrandedFinish type: LacquerCountry of origin: Taiwan
Pearl, Concert Snare Drums CRP1465103-SSB

Grover Pro G1 Concert Snare Drum Charcoal …

Grover Pro G1 Concert Snare Drum Charcoal  ...Grover Pro – Grover Pro G1 Concert Snare Drum Charcoal Ebony 14 X 5 In.
The G1 Concert Snare Drum by Grover Pro Percussion offers the very best features of boutique drum making. Starting with a 10-ply maple shell coated in a hand-rubbed lacquer, this snare churns out a warm, resonant tone and texture to fill any concert hall. The hardware features die-cast hoops, a rotary throw-off and “Contempo” tube lugs.10-ply Maple shellHand-rubbed stain lacquer finishDie-cast hoopsRotary throw-off (made by Trick, modified by Grover Pro Percussion)*SX Silver Wire/Bronze Cable snare wiresNew “Contempo” tube lugs
Grover Pro, Concert Snare Drums G1-5-E