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Seagull Guitar Accessory …

Seagull Guitar Accessory  ...Seagull – Seagull Guitar Accessory Kit
The Seagull Guitar Accessory Kit is a rugged Swiss gear compact carrying bag with Godin logo packed with all the accessories you need to get playing right away. It includes a 4 oz. bottle of Godin Luthier Grade Guitar Polish, high-pefromance microfibre polishing cloth, Seagull Tan Western Suede strap with patrch logo. It also includes two sets of Godin High-Definition electric guitars strings: Godin A6 LT Phosphor Bronze (.012, .016, .024, .032, .042, .053) and Godin A6 MD Phosphor Bronze: (.013, .017, .026, .035, .045, .056). Finally, you get a 12-pack of Segull branded high-quality Duralin guitar picks which are Light-Medium (0.99mm).
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Fender Custom Shop Fender Custom Shop …

Fender Custom Shop Fender Custom Shop  ...Fender Custom Shop – Fender Custom Shop Fender Custom Shop Acoustic Tool Kit By Cruztools
Every musician needs a basic tool kit for setting up and adjusting acoustic and electric guitars and basses. The Fender Custom Shop Acoustic Tool Kit makes it simple with a convenient collection of the most essential and commonly used tools-specifically designed for acoustic instruments.This kit contains all the basics for most minor adjustments, including a 5-in-1 screwdriver with a special 4mm hex adapter for truss rod adjustment, telescopic inspection mirror, ruler, diagonal cutter, capo, feeler gauges, and a string winder. These are the same high-quality setup tools used by the pros, and everything is stored in a convenient polyester pouch that fits easily in your case or gig bag. Hand tools come with limited lifetime warranty.Heavy-duty 5-in-1 screwdriver (#1 Philips, #2 Philips, ” slotted, 2.5mm slotted, truss rod adjustment adapter)Telescopic adjustment mirror15-blade feeler gauge set6.25″ diagonal cuttersStrap-style capoString winderSetup guide (on back of ruler)Zippered storage pouch
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Dunlop Roadpro Guitar String …

Dunlop Roadpro Guitar String  ...Dunlop – Dunlop Roadpro Guitar String Winder
Dunlop’s Roadpro String winder makes replacing strings quick and easy. The special, fast-action steel axle enables smooth rotation, eliminating any unstable wobbling. Its tough construction and comfortable grip with an extra hidden storage compartment inside make this guitar string winder an essential guitar accessory for any player’s gig bag. Features a handy built in bridge pin puller.
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Herco Screwdriver …

Herco Screwdriver  ...Herco – Herco Screwdriver Set
This repairman’s kit contains six precision screwdrivers. Set includes: 2 phillips and 4 metric screwdrivers ranging in size from 1.4 to 3.0 mm.
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D’addario Planet Waves Ergonomic Peg …

D'addario Planet Waves Ergonomic Peg  ...D’Addario Planet Waves – D’addario Planet Waves Ergonomic Peg Winder
The D’Addario Ergonomic Peg Winder with bridge pin puller is precision molded and specially designed to fit virtually all guitars, banjos, and mandolins. Unlike most other peg winders, the D’Addario Peg Winder is ergonomically designed and built tough to withstand years of use. It’s a great way to have easier and faster string changes.Built-in string stretcher allows you to tune your guitar faster and more easilyFits virtually every guitar, banjo and mandolinErgonomically designed with comfort grips for less hand fatigue
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