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Yamaha Fc7 Volume …

Yamaha Fc7 Volume  ...Yamaha – Yamaha Fc7 Volume Pedal
The Yamaha FC7 Volume Pedal is a heavy-duty volume controller with fortissimo function which lets you accent certain parts of a performance. Adjustable pedal angle, spring point adjustment, and a metal connection plate for multiple-pedal ganging add unique capabilities for various playing styles and setups.Heavy-duty constructionFortissimo functionAdjustable pedal angleSpring point adjustmentMetal connection plate for multiple-pedal ganging5′ cableSingle 1/4″ TRS plug
Yamaha, Keyboard Sustain, Volume, Expression Pedals FC7

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Structure …

Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Structure  ...Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers – Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Structure Ep-208
Beautifully stained hardwood double row eurorack case. This compact desktop enclosure features 208hp of space and plenty of power to run both analog and digital modules. There is an interesting story behind the development of this case. What started as a power supply designed to drive primarily analog synthesizers transformed over time into designing a supply that could simultaneously meet the unique demands of sensitive analog circuitry, power hungry digital processors, and ground sensitive user interface modules. Additionally, it was decided that all of this power supply conditioning should reside in a protective and attractive cabinet. The Structure EP-208 is all about power. Clean power. And lots of it. Up to 3 times the amount of clean power available in cases from other brands. Next, Pittsburgh Modular turned their focus to the enclosure itself and there was only one goal. Make the case stronger. Their engineers tested countless combinations using different types of wood, joints, adhesives, assembly techniques, and hardware to ensure that Structure cases are as durable as they are beautiful. With a clean and gorgeous design that promotes creative exploration, the Structure enclosures are Pittsburgh Modulars most robust and refined case line yet. With massive amounts of both room and clean power, you can reach completely new heights in your creative performances. Structure EP-208 Power 4 Amps of Clean +12v Power 3 Amps of Clean -12v Power 2 Amps of Clean +5v Power Custom Powered Bus Board with 15 Keyed Eurorack Power Headers Per Row, 30 Power Headers Total External On-off Rocker Power Switch with LED Universal IEC Power Connector Works Anywhere Structure EP-208 Enclosure Hardwood and Steel Construction (No cheap plastic here) Dual 104hp Rows Removable Lid Lid Fits Over Fully Patched System (No need to remove patch cables) Edge to Edge Rail Design Reduces Gaps Between Modules and the Side of the Case 20 Smooth Sliding Square Nuts Per Rail (Holds up to 40 modules) Beautifully Hand-Stained Hardwood Matching Black Steel Hardware Set
Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers, Synthesizer & Eurorack Accessories PMS3012

K&M Keyboard Bench …

K&M Keyboard Bench  ...K&M – K&M Keyboard Bench Leather
Comfortable keyboard bench with high quality black imitation leather or wear-resistant black fabric seat 21.25 x 11.8″, height-adjustable, wobble-free design, collapsible for easy transport.Height: 15.55 to 23″Height adjustment: inserted screwMaterial: steelSeat: wear-resistant fabric seat, size 21.26 x 11.811″Special features: adjustable end cap to stabilize the bench on uneven surfaces;collapsible for easy transportType: black fabricWeight: 11.5 lb.
K&M, Benches & Stools 14065.000.55

Live Wire Solutions Lws250 Universal Sustain …

Live Wire Solutions Lws250 Universal Sustain  ...Live Wire Solutions – Live Wire Solutions Lws250 Universal Sustain Pedal
The LWS250 is a piano-style pedal that is perfect when you need a sturdy, full-size pedal that stays right where you put it. Use it when you want a richer, more resonant sound; the notes you play will continue to sound until you release the pedal. The LWS250 will operate with any keyboard with a 1/4″ jack.7′ cordNormally open or closedSwitchable polaritySturdy rubber-coated shellOne-year limited warranty
Live Wire Solutions, Keyboard Sustain, Volume, Expression Pedals LWS250

Kawai F-350 Triple …

Kawai F-350 Triple  ...Kawai – Kawai F-350 Triple Pedal
Made for Kawai’s ES100 digital piano, the F-350 Triple Pedal gives you a damper, sostenuto, and una corda options when connected.
Kawai, Keyboard Sustain, Volume, Expression Pedals F-350

K&M Boom Arm For K&M Omega Keyboard …

K&M Boom Arm For K&M Omega Keyboard  ...K&M – K&M Boom Arm For K&M Omega Keyboard Stand
The K&M 18956 Boom Arm attaches to K&M 18950 or 18953 keyboard/digital piano stands The K&M 18956 is a two-piece telescopic boom arm complete with locking washer and plastic grip. Fully adjustable in height and tilt, it features smooth, silent, scratch-free adjustment thanks to a large wing nut. To attach to the K&M Omega 18810 table stand, the K&M 19856 boom arm requires the K&M 118814 adapter.Boom arm attaches to 18950 or 18953 keyboard/digital piano standConveniently adjustable in height & tilt8 height-adjustment settings2-piece telescopic designPremium qualityMaximum durabilityMade in GermanyEco-friendly5 Year Limited Warranty.
K&M, Keyboard Replacement Parts 18956