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Dimarzio Dp260 Paf Master Humbucker Neck …

Dimarzio Dp260 Paf Master Humbucker Neck  ...DiMarzio – Dimarzio Dp260 Paf Master Humbucker Neck Pickup Cream
One variation that’s highly sought after by vintage PAF players is a pickup that is quiet, bright, and very dynamic. The PAF Master Neck Model is truly special. It has a great balance of full, richness with a throaty tone but its not too fat and notes still come through nice and clear, with beautiful smooth and creamy highs. DiMarzio gave it just the right amount of windings to allow the pickup to sing, sustain and still be articulate.Recommended for neck. Can also be used in bridge position.Tech TalkDiMarzio has done the research and seen all the mythology around pickups made with NOS wire, unoriented magnets, butyrate bobbins, vintage alloys, unbalanced coils, et al. They prefer to focus on results rather than on replicas. The PAF Master Neck Model uses several of our patented ideas to create a pickup that pays tribute to the original sound without imitating it. Instead of accidentally unbalancing the coils, they tuned them to different frequencies to get the same effect without compromising hum-cancellation.Wiring: 4 ConductorMagnet: Alnico 5Output mV: 193DC Resistance: 7.37 KohmYear of Introduction: 2014Patent: 5,399,802 & 5,908,998Tone GuideTreble: 5.5Mid: 5.5Bass: 4.5
DiMarzio, Humbucker Pickups DP260CR

Bartolini Original Bass Series 5-String …

Bartolini Original Bass Series 5-String  ...Bartolini – Bartolini Original Bass Series 5-String American Std J Bass Split Coil Neck Pickup Short
The 57J-S1 is the Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (J Bass) replacement ‘short’ pickup for the neck. It is highly respected by musicians and luthiers alike for its deep tone, strong lows, low mids tone. It feature a split-coil design.This is an “original series” bass pickup with a passive design. It is cast in epoxy to remove unwanted feedback and microphonics.
Bartolini, 5+ String Bass Pickups BRP57J-S1

Levy’s 2 1/2″ Electric Snake Embossed …

Levy's 2 1/2Levy’s – Levy’s 2 1/2″ Electric Snake Embossed Leather Strap Black
Levy’s 2″ imitation “electric” snake embossed-leather guitar strap with foam padding and garment leather backing. Adjustable from 41″-55″.2″ imitation “electric” snake leather strapGarment leather backingAdjustable from 41″ to 55″
Levy’s, Guitar Straps PC17ES-BLK

Evh Signature Series Picks (6 Pack) 1.0 Mm …

Evh Signature Series Picks (6 Pack) 1.0 Mm  ...EVH – Evh Signature Series Picks (6 Pack) 1.0 Mm Red/Black
With a Dunlop Max-Grip molded grip pattern, EVH Signature Series Picks are the perfect solution for fleet-fingered players looking to achieve perfect precision and speed. Each pick features a special non-slip surface, ensuring a firm grip and maximum control for strummers and shredders alike. The picks are available in four classic color combinations as well an expanded selection of gauges (.60mm1.0mm), making them well-suited to every player’ preference.
EVH, Guitar Picks 0221351205

Dimarzio Area 67 White Extra Black …

Dimarzio Area 67 White Extra Black  ...DiMarzio – Dimarzio Area 67 White Extra Black Cover
The Monterey Pop Festival of 1967 was a watershed event in American music. When it was over, the world had heard and felt the sound of a Strat in the hands of a master. Single-coils in 1967 were bright and very clean. And, of course, they hummed. DiMarzio captured the classic bright and clean sound, but totally eliminated the hum with their patented Area technology. DiMarzio’s also reduced magnet pull by 40% for improved sustain and clarity. The Area 67 has the chime of ’60s pickups, and the 2 and 4 positions are light, bright and quack-happy. This is white with an extra black cover to help you match your guitar’s aesthetics.Wiring: 4 Conductor Magnet: Alnico 2 Output mV: 120 DC resistance: 5.86 Kohm Year of introduction: 2008 Patent: 4,442,749 & 5,908,802
DiMarzio, Humbucker Pickups DP419WBK

Seymour Duncan Shpr-1N P-Rails Neck Pickup …

Seymour Duncan Shpr-1N P-Rails Neck Pickup  ...Seymour Duncan – Seymour Duncan Shpr-1N P-Rails Neck Pickup Cream
Until now, if you wanted humbucker, P-90, and vintage Strat tones, you’d have to haul three guitars to the gig. But that was before the Seymour Duncan SHPR-1 P-Rails pickups. P-Rails feature a ground breaking, patent pending design that allows a full-size humbucker to split to either a real deal P-90 or a traditional single-coil. Perfect for a wide variety of styles including country, pop, surf, jazz, blues, classic rock, and heavy rock.The humbucker sound is full and expansive, owing to the mismatched coil configuration. The P-90 is a super fat. And the Rail coils, when used together, sound like the 2 and 4 “in-between” positions in a great Strat.These Seymour Duncan pickups can be used in any guitar set up for a traditional humbucker or Trembucker. A single P-Rail will bring added dimension to your guitar sound. However, to optimize P-Rails’ unique splitting capabilities and get the best single-coil Rails tones, use a neck and bridge set.To get both humbucker and P-90 tones, use a two-way switch (push-pull or mini-toggle). To have humbucker and P-90 tones and bring in the added dimension of the single-coil Rail, use a three-way switch (DPDT on-off-on).Full-size humbuckerPatent pending designPerfect for a wide variety of stylesThree distinct modesHumbuckerP-90Single-coil
Seymour Duncan, Humbucker Pickups 11303-01-Cr

Dimarzio Dp186 Cruiser Neck Pickup …

Dimarzio Dp186 Cruiser Neck Pickup  ...DiMarzio – Dimarzio Dp186 Cruiser Neck Pickup White
No humbucking pickup sounds exactly like a vintage single-coil, but the Cruiser is about as close as it gets. The special dual-resonance design allows one coil to act as a woofer and the other as a tweeter. This extends the range of the noise-canceling design and allows the best qualities of each coil to be enhanced while fine tuning the output. There is less magnetic pull, and it still sounds clean, clear, and bright. Output: 140mV.Recommended for neck position with DP187, or neck & middle with hotter bridge like Fast Track 1, Chopper, Pro Track, or full-size humbuckers (See recommended accessories box on this page).Special dual-resonance designOne coil acts as woofer and other as a tweeterExtended range of noise-cancelingLess magnetic pullClean, clear, bright soundOutput: 140mV
DiMarzio, Stratocaster Pickups (Humbucker) DP186W