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Aquarian Super-Pad Low Volume Drumsurface 13 …

Aquarian Super-Pad Low Volume Drumsurface 13  ...Aquarian – Aquarian Super-Pad Low Volume Drumsurface 13 In.
The Aquarian multipurpose Super-Pad is both a stand-alone pad for silent practice and a low-volume acoustic drum mute for low-volume music making. The shock absorbing playing surface is comfortable to play and makes it an effective tool for improving drumming skills.Lightweight, the Super-Pad travels anywhere and can be placed on top of anything; drums, tables, snare drum stands, beds, or even your lap. Drop it on a drum for low-volume playing. A protective, non-skid base allows for use as a stand-alone pad that can be placed on any flat surface for silent practice.Most importantly, these pads replicate or produce the intonation, dynamics, attack and feel a player would need to grow chops they would need to be immediately available on a live acoustic kit. The Super-Pad surface reduces acoustic drum volume, but still retains that natural drum stick rebound and real drum head feel.Perfect for teaching studios, unplugged, low volume ensemble sessions and apartment dwelling acoustic drummers; low-profile design fits comfortably into any setup and comes in a range of sizes that will fit most acoustic snare drums, tom toms, and bass drums. The Super-Pad is easy to setup and eliminates the need for costly stand or pad mounting hardware.Standalone or set-based quiet practiceLightweight, low-profile designAuthentic dynamics, feel and intonationTextured for play with brushes and rods
Aquarian, Drum Mutes & Dampening Devices SP13

Vater Buzz Kill Mute …

Vater Buzz Kill Mute  ...Vater – Vater Buzz Kill Mute Pack
The Vater Buzz Kill is an easy to use dampening system for drums and cymbals designed to control unwanted over-ring and overtones. Each Buzz Kill disc can be easily cut to any size to achieve the desired amount of dampening whether you’re using it live or in the studio. Buzz Kill is super-tacky, so it can be used on both batter and resonant drumheads. Buzz Kill is reusable and can be easily cleaned with water when dirty. 6-pack.
Vater, Drum Mutes & Dampening Devices VBUZZ

Rtom Moongel Percussion Dampening …

Rtom Moongel Percussion Dampening  ...RTOM – Rtom Moongel Percussion Dampening Gels
RTOM Moongel Dampening Gels effectively control unwanted drum overtones. Designed to be versatile tone modifiers, self-adhesive Moongels stick to the surface of your drums, cymbals, and most percussion instruments. The possibilities are endless. By simply moving the damper pad around the percussive surface, you’ll eliminate any unwanted resonance and obtain the exact sound the situation demands.Moongel damper pads are washable and retain their stickiness for years of service. Use them over and over again. Moongel Damper Pads are made from a soft non-toxic gel, and come in a 6-pack plastic canister.6-pack
RTOM, Drum Mutes & Dampening Devices MG4

Aquarian Dkp2 Double Kick Drum …

Aquarian Dkp2 Double Kick Drum  ...Aquarian – Aquarian Dkp2 Double Kick Drum Pad
Patented Aquarian DKP2 impact pads are crafted from a heavier version of Aquarian’s Power Dot material. Each double kick drum pad is strong yet flexible, so that it moves with the drumhead. Aquarian kick pads help extend your bass drumhead’s life while helping to produce a punchy, focused sound. For double pedal.
Aquarian, Drum Mutes & Dampening Devices DKP2