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Monster Cable Acoustic 1/4 Inch Straight To …

Monster Cable Acoustic 1/4 Inch Straight To  ...Monster Cable – Monster Cable Acoustic 1/4 Inch Straight To Straight Instrument Cable 21 Ft.
You play an acoustic instrument for a reason. The nuanced sound and the remarkable presence of an acoustic instrument is not only unmistakable it is delicate. That’s why Monster developed their Acoustic Guitar Cable. It is uniquely made to preserve every detail of your performance and the distinct sound of the instrument. Monster Acoustic Cable is high-performance, acoustic-specific instrument cable designed for rich, accurate reproduction without frequency and phase distortions. Patented Time Correct windings reject interference, and MicroFiber dielectric enables fast transients and incredible warmth. Striking natural wood grain connector design compliments the natural wood look of acoustic guitars.Multiple gauge high and low frequency wire networks for accurate imagingTime Correct windings for precise sound reproductionCustom Monster connectors with 24k gold contactsDuraflex protective jacketCarbon-infused polymer minimizes handling noise
Monster Cable, Instrument Cables 600558-00

Lava Soar Straight To Right Angle Braided …

Lava Soar Straight To Right Angle Braided  ...Lava – Lava Soar Straight To Right Angle Braided Instrument Cable 15 Ft.
The Lava Soar is Lava Cable’s official entry into the true high-end guitar cable category. Based on proven high-end guitar cable design principles, the cable features dual 99.99% pure OFC solid copper conductors in a unique configuration, dual layers of tailored shielding, and a rugged outer braid. It comes with highly conductive Lava Silver Wire plugs standard as part of a complete matched plugs-to-cable design.Durability over flexibility was chosen in the solid-core design and as a result the cable is slightly stiffer than an average stranded cable, but the Lava Soar still retains a nice lay and feel. Our goal with this cable is to provide same results at nearly half the price of other high end cables in this category. With low capacitance of 29 pF/ft in the sweet spot zone, it provides outstanding detailed frequency response so you can hear your guitar the way it was meant to be heard. Your tone will reach new heights with the Lava Soar. This cable is completely Made In the USA – this includes the bulk cable, the plugs and final assembly.Straight ” to right angle ” Highly conductive Lava Silver Wire plugsProvides outstanding detailed frequencyDual 22 AWG, 99.99% pure OFC solid copper conductorsRugged outer braid
Lava, Instrument Cables LVASOAR15R

D’addario Planet Waves Modular Snake Core …

D'addario Planet Waves Modular Snake Core  ...D’Addario Planet Waves – D’addario Planet Waves Modular Snake Core Cable 50 Ft.
The Planet Waves Modular Snake features interchangeable break-outs for easy and flexible wiring options. Using industry-standard analog pinouts (TASCAM pinout reference), this Planet Waves snake is made with a proprietary multi-pair snake cable. It features oxygen-free copper conductors and 100% shielding for low noise, low signal loss construction. Additionally, it features Amphenol gold-plated connectors for optimal signal transference, corrosion resistance and strain relief.For even more connecting convenience, both American 4-40 thread and metric locking screws are included.It’s as easy as 1-2-3!1. Choose the core cable length – 5, 10, or 25 Feet2. Choose the proper breakouts for your audio connections3. Plug in and experience high-definition audioThis is the core cable only. Breakout cables are sold separately.Interchangable break-outs for easy and flexible wiring options7 Connection options make 24 possible Snake configurationsIndustry standard analog pinoutLimited lifetime warranty
D’Addario Planet Waves, Audio Snakes PW-DB25MM-50

Pig Hog Solutions Dual Cable Rca To Rca (3 …

Pig Hog Solutions Dual Cable Rca To Rca (3  ...Pig Hog – Pig Hog Solutions Dual Cable Rca To Rca (3 Ft.) 3 Ft.
The Pig Hog Solutions line features an expanding selection of adapter and cables designed to solve common interfacing problems in the studio and on stage. Each cable is manufactured to Pig Hog’s high-quality standards to insure transparent reproduction of the source audio without any coloration or distortion. Pig Hog is designed by musicians, for musicians, combining the highest quality performance with outstanding value. And with Pig Hog’s “no question” lifetime guarantee, they’ve got your back for the life of the cable.
Pig Hog, RCA Cables PD-RCA03

Pig Hog Midi Cable (6 Ft.) 10 …

Pig Hog Midi Cable (6 Ft.) 10  ...Pig Hog – Pig Hog Midi Cable (6 Ft.) 10 Ft.
Pig Hog Midi cables feature heavy duty molded 5 pin connectors with built in strain relief, with an extra-thick, tough PVC sleeve that is built to last. Our special wire is designed to maintan signal integrity without compromise, and to avoid kinks and tangles.
Pig Hog, MIDI Cables PMID10

Mogami Gold Trs Patch Cable 6 …

Mogami Gold Trs Patch Cable 6  ...Mogami – Mogami Gold Trs Patch Cable 6 Ft.
1/4″ Stereo Plugs. Made with Mogami quad cable and gold contact TRS connectors. The finest Mogami cables you can buy for neutral tone and noise rejection.Mogami has been revered by Audio Professionals for almost 50 years. It is undeniably the standard in Music Recording and Post Production facilities worldwide. Until now, Mogami was only available to professionals and then only in large bulk quantities.Finally, Mogami Gold cable is available pre-wired, for all live audio performance and music recording applications.
Mogami, TRS Cables GOLD TRS-TRS-06

Livewire Advantage Series 1/4″ Straight …

Livewire Advantage Series 1/4Livewire – Livewire Advantage Series 1/4″ Straight Instrument Cable 3 Ft.
Advantage Series 1/4″ straight instrument cable from Live Wire is constructed of flexible materials to cut down on kinks and twists for tangle-free performance and longer life. It has 1/4″ phone plugs and the quality soldering is very quiet.Lifetime guaranteeSuper-quiet soldering and materialsKink-free design1/4″ phone plugs
Livewire, Instrument Cables EG3