Yamaha Live Custom 22X18″ Bass Drum Black …

Yamaha Live Custom 22X18Yamaha – Yamaha Live Custom 22X18″ Bass Drum Black Wood
Using 1.2mm oak plies, the Yamaha Live Custom series delivers a sound with greater strength and depth, provides rich expressive power that exceeds your imagination, and features drum hardware designed with some new, innovative ideas that delivers incredible stability and reliability even in the demanding environment of the stage. Oak’s sound is clear and well defined with a powerful low-end that shakes your soul.The plies of this shell are 10% thicker than the plies used in the Oak Custom, the oak plies found in these shells deliver sound with greater power on stage. The kick drum is equipped with updated die-cast hooks, which provide noise-free function through the use of an insertion plate.100% Oak shellsDark silver finished hardwareDie-cast claw hooks on kick drum22 x 18″
Yamaha, Bass Drums LNB-2218BKW