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When it comes to getting the right sound, everyone knows that having the right reference monitors for your space is one of the most critical elements to getting the sound the way you hear it in your head. However, no matter how much you invest in your monitors, mixing desks and outboard gear; if you arent decoupling your monitors, you still arent getting an accurate representation of your low frequency playback. Isolating your monitors from their environment is the only way to avoid exaggerated bass frequencies resonating through the surface of your desk and all the other items in your studio.Enhance Your Mix Clarity and Bass ResponseUltimate Isolators have been designed to help you boost the accuracy of your monitors by providing a simple, affordable way to isolate your monitors from the surfaces you place them on. Using Ultimate Isolators, you will immediately notice enhanced clarity and bass response in your mixing environment. This will help you to prevent those unwanted surprises when you finally take that new mix out to the club or just to your car stereo, because you have a more accurate reference of your signal while mixing.Sweeten Your SpotUltimate Isolators can support a wide variety of studio monitors, from large to small format. Thanks to our angled design, you will be able to easily position your monitors at a number of angles, making them that much easier to drop into your listening environment and customize the placement to suit your sweet spot, all while making it that much sweeter.Mix and Record with ConfidenceUltimate Isolators are an affordable, versatile solution for an age-old problem. Providing your monitors with the sonic isolation to prevent unwanted resonance in your room is every bit as important as choosing the right monitors because it gives you the best sense of what your recordings will sound like outside the safe haven of your studio environment. When you think of alEnhance Your Mix Clarity and Bass ResponseSweeten Your Sweet SpotMix and Record with Confidence
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