Ultimate Acoustics Studio Bundle Iii (26 …

Ultimate Acoustics Studio Bundle Iii (26  ...Ultimate Acoustics – Ultimate Acoustics Studio Bundle Iii (26 Pieces)
Every studio, small and large alike, deserves to have professional acoustic treatment! The Studio Bundle III from Ultimate Acoustics provides ample coverage for small spaces. Included are 12 x UA-WPB-12 and 12 x UA-WBPV-12 wall panels for effective, elegant sound absorption and 2 x UA-BTVB corner bass traps to help control low frequencies in your room.Unique to Ultimate Acoustics is the addition of a thin layer of perforated vinyl covering that nearly doubles the performance of controlling lower frequencies while adding some measure of diffusion to higher frequencies.Model Number: UA-KIT-ST1Part Number: #1780212 x 12″x12″x2″ Bevel Panels12 x 12″x12″x2″ Bevel Panels w/Vinyl Layer2 x Bass Trap w/Vinyl LayerColor: CharcoalAdhesive Squares Included
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