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Traveler Guitar Speedster Hot Rod  ...Traveler Guitar – Traveler Guitar Speedster Hot Rod Left-Handed Electric Travel Guitar Candy Apple Red Metallic
The Traveler Guitar Speedster Hot Rod is a full 24- in. scale left-handed travel guitar featuring a newly redesigned onboard V2 Headphone Amplifier.The proprietary In-Body tuning system uses standard tuning machines relocated into the body to create a guitar that has a full-scale neck, yet is substantially shorter than full size electrics. The lack of a headstock and a small, ergonomic body allow the guitar to be 28 percent shorter and 51 percent lighter than a full size electric, all while preserving the same full-scale playing experience youre used to.The guitar features active electronics with the V2 headphone amplifier built-in, allowing you to practice privately. Plug in headphones or your favorite amp and cycle through clean, boost, overdrive and distortion tones using the custom tap-pot. The dual-rail humbucker has a coil-split switch which allows for even more sonic versatility by giving you humbucker gain or single coil clean all in one pickup. In addition, the Speedster Hot Rod’s V2 Headphone Amp is loaded with an aux-in jack so you can play along with your favorite tracks while listening through headphones or your favorite amp.The Upper Arm Support detaches for travel, and the whole package fits neatly inside its included Gig Bag, weighs just 4 pounds 12 ounces, and stows easily in airline overhead compartments.Full 24-3/4 in. Scale Electric Travel GuitarBuilt-in headphone amp with clean, boost, overdrive & distortionAux-in for for jamming with your mobile deviceFits in airline overhead bins4 lbs. 12 oz. & 28″ longDeluxe Gig Bag Included
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