Theo Wanne Shiva Hard Rubber Tenor Saxophone …

Theo Wanne Shiva Hard Rubber Tenor Saxophone  ...Theo Wanne – Theo Wanne Shiva Hard Rubber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Size 8 (.110 In.)
The SHIVA is designed for players desiring a sound with a lot of edge, but maintains a huge core, rich in harmonics. Inspired by the incredibly popular MANTRA mouthpiece, the SHIVA takes the MANTRA’ innovative design and brings it to those players that are accustomed to a Guardala, Dukoff or Berg Larsen style of mouthpiece.It has a combination roll-over and step baffle, leading in to Theo Wanne’ proprietary shark-gill chamber. These features give the mouthpiece a rich, full sound with plenty of edge and projection, making it ideally suited for Rock n Roll, R&B or any situation where the player may require some extra carrying power.Like all Theo Wanne products, the SHIVA is made using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies and tools, ensuring your receive the most consistent, high-quality mouthpieces available today.Included with the SHIVA, is the top-rated ENLIGHTENED Ligature, which only has 3 points of contact on the mouthpiece, giving maximum resonance. Two interchangeable pressure plates are also included, along with all of the necessary tools, our Reed Replacer cap, and a leather carrying case.
Theo Wanne, Tenor Saxophone Mouthpieces SHI-TR8