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Theo Wanne Mantra Tenor Saxophone Platinum  ...Theo Wanne – Theo Wanne Mantra Tenor Saxophone Platinum Lacquer
Theo Wanne’s passion for creating great musical products, combined with superior technology, has resulted in an icredibly advanced and innovative saxophone. Theo learned from the very best vintage horns and then applied that knowledge to modern manufacturing technologies. The Mantra’ saxophone is the next leap in saxophone evolution, integrating 30 different saxophone innovations.The new and revolutionary Theo Wanne saxophone is called, The Mantra’. A mantra is: a sound, or group of sounds, that leads the speaker to freedom, and the feeling of freedom and full self-expression is what the Mantra saxophone and its amazing innovations are designed to produce.Just like with saxophone mouthpieces, Theo Wanne has owned and studied every type of vintage and new saxophone. He has combined the huge and beautiful sound of the vintage horns (such as his favorite Conn Chu and Selmer Mark VI saxophones) with the intonation and playability of modern horns. Theo has then applied innovative thinking and advanced technology to create a superior saxophone.The saxophone neck is the most crucial part of a horn’s sound and soul. Theo has applied revolutionary new concepts to his patent-pending design that have proven to be a quantum leap forward in neck design. His completely redesigned neck tube has nothing soldered to it except at the octave pip, which must be there anyway. It has no keys, guides, or braces soldered to the tube to dampen the neck’s resonance. The octave key rides on cartridge ball bearings, and is completely isolated from the neck tube and brace.The bell-to-body brace is designed to be far stronger than a traditional brace while allowing for previously unheard of vibrational freedom. The new brace also replaces the traditional “pants guard” in protecting the lower stack keys.The low C and B/Bb key-guard felts are in-line with the key arms, assuring the key-cups stay in flat and in adjustment during use. The entire inCritical work done in the USAFour-Point Fully-Captured Bell-to-Body Brace: a) The brace itself acts as the pants-guard, so the pants guard is eliminated meaning fewer soldered parts on the body tube resulting in better resonance on the saxophone body. b) All four brace posts are fully captured, making the bell impervious to twisting. c) Two posts on the bell stabilize the bell better than the standard single post seen on all other saxophones, yet also results in better bell resonance, due to a much smaller soldered area on the bell! d) The bell posts are farther from the bell lip than normal, increasing bell resonance!Felt Bumpers In-Line with Low B/Bb Keys: The felt Stops are in-line with the key arms keeping the key cups from twisting when hitting the felt stops as is the case on all other saxophones. This keeps the horn in better adjustment.Felt bumpers in-line Low C Key: The felt stop is in-line with the Key arm keeping the key cup
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