Theo Wanne Mantra Soprano Saxophone …

Theo Wanne Mantra Soprano Saxophone  ...Theo Wanne – Theo Wanne Mantra Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece Metal Size 8
The MANTRA soprano mouthpiece has a huge projecting sound with amazing bite and edge. Its unique rollover baffle, square window, and shark gill chamber, along with Theo Wanne’s advanced manufacturing techniques, make this a standout in the mouthpiece market. The MANTRA mouthpiece gives a freedom of expression you won’t know was missing until you actually try one.Contemporary soprano musicians, along with those looking to project well but wanting a full and fat soprano sound, will love the MANTRA soprano mouthpiece.Liberty LigatureGold (on ligature) and Heavy Copper Pressure PlatesPatented Reed Replacer CapReal Leather CaseVersatile big projecting soundTheo Wanne Proprietary ‘Shark Gill’ ChamberUnique square windowTheo Wanne legendary quality
Theo Wanne, Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces MAN-SG8