Theo Wanne Durga Baritone Saxophone …

Theo Wanne Durga Baritone Saxophone  ...Theo Wanne – Theo Wanne Durga Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece Size 10
The DURGA baritone is the culmination of many years of research and testing. It produces a huge sound that takes the baritone saxophone to a new level.Due to the nature of the DURGA design and the baritone’s already robust sound, the DURGA baritone mouthpiece is extremely versatile and recommended for most types of music. Theo Wanne’s literature reads, “The DURGA has the most advanced design and manufacturing process of any mouthpiece in history.” A bold claim. It goes on to state, “Nothing like it has existed in the alto world before.” We are not so sure they aren’t right. This is an amazing saxophone mouthpiece.The DURGA is both powerful fat sounding. It can both scream and play a soft ballad, with a uniquely designed baffle and deeply rounded inner side walls with TW’s True Large Chamber and Power Ring.The Power Ring is a ring set at the back of the chamber that radically tapers the chamber down, giving the mouthpiece the benefits of the True Large Chamber with the power found in small chamber mouthpieces. It is machined from a single block of solid brass. Many baritone players who never liked metal mouthpieces before love this mouthpiece. With many patents behind their products, Theo WanneTM mouthpieces are among the highest quality and most innovative in the world.The DURGA has a technically advanced design and manufacturing process. The result is a powerful mouthpiece with a huge core and breadth of sound. No longer does the saxophonist need to have a thin sound in order to get huge power and projection. The DURGA is both powerful and fat sounding simultaneously.Great for Jazz, R&B, and Rock & RollRadical Power-Version of our True Large ChamberRounded inner side walls all the way to the tipUniquely shaped long step baffle
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