Tc Helicon Voicetone Harmony G-Xt With Mp-75 …

Tc Helicon Voicetone Harmony G-Xt With Mp-75  ...TC Helicon – Tc Helicon Voicetone Harmony G-Xt With Mp-75 Mic
This package includes TC Helicon’s VoiceTone Harmony-G XT plus their dynamic MP-75 mic to give more control of your vocals, as well as a Musician’s Gear MS-220 mic stand and a 20′ Gear One XLR cable.VoiceTone Harmony-G XTKick your vocals into high gear with VoiceTone Harmony-G XT. With improved harmony technology and reverb compared to its big brother VoiceLive 2, Harmony-G XT will improve your tone and surround your voice with pro effects and vocal harmony.Easy Harmony GenerationThe TC Helicon Harmony-G XT has a good ear for music. It listens to your performance and decides what harmony notes would sound best with your song. Connect your guitar and a mic, choose one of the presets, play guitar and sing. No special guitar pickups, pre-programming, or extensive musical knowledge are required in order to use this vocal harmony effect pedal.Choose Your SoundThe TC Helicon Harmony-G XT puts you in control of a wide range of useful, exciting sounds. From a standing position you can switch through the five factory presets, each with a unique setting of effects, harmony and doubling and then choose the A or B effect within each preset. If you only need three presets or you want up to ten, this is configurable in Harmony-G XT.The effect pedal lets you edit the presets easily and store them as your personal combination. The “FX” for each preset can be selected as well. Each of the categories of Hall, Room, Echo, Slap, Combi and SFX has three alternates. These are more than just add-on effects. These are the real deal from VoiceLive 2 including combinations of reverb, delay andmod (micromod) that will put you and your harmony voices in a professional sounding, immersive space.Overdub LiveIn a recording you can layer your lead melody to create extra thickness. Live, it’s not so easy. The Double button on the vocal harmony pedal activates a rTC Helicon VoiceTone G-XTListens to guitar and voice to create correct harmony parts automatically Tone switch smoothes vocals with adaptive Live Engineer Effects 18 combinations of reverb, delay, and mod shared by vocal and guitar input 10 presets available, each with A/B options Harmony interval selection includes 3rds and 5ths above and below, octave up and down, and the unique Bass interval Stereo or mono configurable output Clean, studio quality mic preamp with phantom power and XLR input Guitar signal can be mixed in and share reverb or passed through to separate amplifier Fast, accurate guitar tuner Improved NaturalPlay guitar-controlled harmony algorithm Front-of-house quality reverb algorithm and selection of styles from VoiceLive 2 Selection of four overdub-style doubling effects with two more doubling voices available Reworked FX presets offer even more utility across music styles USB connection for
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