Tc Electronic Rs210 2X10 Vertical Stacking …

Tc Electronic Rs210 2X10 Vertical Stacking  ...TC Electronic – Tc Electronic Rs210 2X10 Vertical Stacking Bass Cabinet
Use the TC Electronic RS210 Vertical Stacking Bass Cabinet to revolutionize your onstage performance. The RS210 bass speaker cabinet has 2 – 10″ custom Eminence drivers and includes a coaxial speaker on top. You get all the highs while reducing the amount of surface needed for mounting the speakers. This bass cab is deep, narrow, and easy to move. Two of them give you the sound impact of a 4×10 cab without the bulk and weight. Stack 2 RS 210 bass cabs vertically to create a column that maintains contact with the floor for full bass response but with the upper speaker up where you hear it better. The TC Electronic RS210 incorporates a rugged design with an anti-scratch finish with an anti-skid surface that helps cabinets stick together when stacked. An L-pad control is provided for dialing in the desired amount of tweeter level. Most importantly, it has a tight, punchy sound that holds together at high volumeCustom Eminence driversOne driver is a coaxial speaker with the HF tweeter mounted in the centerAnti-scratch finishAnti-skid surface treatment to help cabinets stick together when stackedStacks vertically with other RebelStacks to overcome limitations of a single 4×10″
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