Tc Electronic Bg250-208 250W 2X8 Bass Combo …

Tc Electronic Bg250-208 250W 2X8 Bass Combo  ...TC Electronic – Tc Electronic Bg250-208 250W 2X8 Bass Combo Amp With Toneprint Black
The TC Electronic BG250-208 bass combo amp took the power and tone that made the Bass Amp 2.0 line so popular, and then loaded it up with top-notch features. The 2×8″ 250W combo comes equipped with a built-in tuner, 3-band intelligent EQ and, of course, TC Electronic’s trademark TonePrint system that allows users to beam professionally made effects and tones from their smartphones directly to the BG250-208, controllable with an optional footswitch.Other features include six effects types – chorus, flanger, vibrato octave, SpectraComp and Bass Drive – a headphone output (which mutes the speaker), auxiliary input to play along with your favorite tunes, a mute switch for quiet tuning, and a balanced XLR output for direct recording in the studio or a clean feed to the mixer for live playing.Power: 250W2x8″ custom drivers Built-in 6-string tunerIntelligent 3-band EQHeadphone output (mutes speaker)Auxiliary inputTC Electronic’s TonePrint systemBalanced output25.9 lbs.11.5″ x 12.6″ x 18.3″
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