Taye Drums Studiobirch Wood Hoop Snare Drum …

Taye Drums Studiobirch Wood Hoop Snare Drum  ...Taye Drums – Taye Drums Studiobirch Wood Hoop Snare Drum 14 X 6 Natural Maple Finish
Imagine attack, presence and control in an instrument that is universally musical and incredibly extraordinary in appearance. Birch is revered by drummers seeking to cut through the mix; it is the wood of choice for achieving accentuated highs and lows with reduced mids, producing timbre with striking clarity and punch.StudioBirch wood hoop snares are constructed from hand-selected birch plies, and have been painstakingly engineered utilizing Taye’s exclusive EFS shell technology to provide the optimum resonance and tonality. Moreover, the durable 14-ply sugar maple hoops give the drum unmistakeable warm and rich overtones and provide an authentic side stick sound.To top this snare off, Taye applied articulated claw hooks and patented Studded Lug Gaskets remove any metal-to-wood contact allowing the drum to resonate more freely, separating these drums from the rest of the pack.Configuration Snare size: 14″ x 6″ Total Pieces: 1Extras Case or Bag: Not applicable Stand: Not applicableShells Shell material: Birch Shell construction: 7-Ply Shell thickness (mm): 7 Bearing edge: 45 Reinforcement ring: NoHardware Hardware material: Multiple Hoop type: Wood Lugs: Standard Throw-off: Tap-style Internal muffler: No Snares: ProprietaryOther Heads: Factory Finish type: Lacquer Country of origin: Taiwan
Taye Drums, Snare Drums SM1406SWN-NM