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Silverstein Works Prelude Ligature For  ...Silverstein Works – Silverstein Works Prelude Ligature For Saxophone Medium Soprano
With the PRELUDE ligature, you are sure to bring out the best in your reed, mouthpiece, instrument, and sound. PRELUDE allows more musicians to experience and enjoy what it truly means to “free the reed.” For tenor, alto or soprano. Select from dropdown menu.Harmonic partialsThe first thing you will notice is how free the reed becomes. The difference can also be seen in laboratory comparison tests that show the more defined harmonic partials, indicating a richer, fuller sound.The innovation: fine tunerThe new Fine Tuners change how the ligature responds to the vibrations of the reed, tuning the focus and color of your sound to give you unprecedented control and flexibility. Adjust your sound to perfectly accentuate the music you play at any time.CraftsmanshipEach Ligature is handmade using the finest materials. The custom cord is created with the same technology and manufacturing process as the cords used on the Sky Crane that lowered the Mars Rover.Lower profile design for structural simplicity and stabilityResonating plate optimizes the resonance from the mouthpieceCord end lock for maximum securityTorque conversion converts turning torque to pushing force
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