Selmer Paris Series Iii Model 66Af Baritone …

Selmer Paris Series Iii Model 66Af Baritone  ...Selmer Paris – Selmer Paris Series Iii Model 66Af Baritone Saxophone Lacquer
The Selmer Paris Series III Model 66AF Baritone Saxophone distinguishes itself from the Series II in several ways both physically and sonically. A vibrant sound with rich overtones allow this baritone to find itself at home in a variety of musical styles. Its neck features a custom angle and a cone shape. The result is an evenness and balance throughout the range that will astonish you. A less is more approach was taken when considering contact points on the body. This allows the Selmer 66AF to respond quickly with optimal resonance, even when playing softly.Saxophonists once intimidated by the baritone will appreciate the Series III’ compact key work, and those comfortable on the baritone will find the new key work enhances dexterity. The left-hand thumb key features a diagonally position low A key for a fast switch between the higher register and low A. While a newly designed left-hand spatula key stack features two major improvements. The new stack allows for faster playing in the low register, and its curved-edge keys offer both comfort and precision.All saxophonists will enjoy the lighter overall weight and attached peg system. An adjustable thumb rest made of brass also ensures sturdy handling. The padded flight case includes two wheels which make transporting the Series III baritone easy.
Selmer Paris, Professional Baritone & Bass Saxophones 66AF