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Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517: 500 Series  ...Rupert Neve Designs – Rupert Neve Designs Portico 517: 500 Series Mic Pre / Di / Comp
Based on the Portico 5017 Mobile Pre, the Rupert Neve Designs 517 provides world-class, transformer-coupled preamp, compressor, and DI circuitry, with Vari-phase, Silk and DI/mic blending capabilities in a 500 series model. As the first 500 series module designed by Mr. Rupert Neve, the 517 incorporates outstanding sonic quality with an indispensable feature set.Mic Pre and Instrument AmplifierThe 517?s mic pre includes 66dB gain, and is based on the Portico 5017 design. The mic pre also incorporates a polarity reverse switch and phantom power. The separate instrument amplifier includes 30dB of gain, a ground lift, variable phase and an instrument Thru connection.Blended UseUsed as a single channel device for instruments, the 517 can be used to phase align, combine and compress direct and amplified signals. To achieve this, use the DI for the instrument’s direct signal and the mic preamp for the speaker cabinet signal. The blend control is used for mixing direct and amplified signals to achieve the desired tonal blend between the two sources, and the variphase is used to minimize or extenuate phase cancellations between the two signals. To compress the blended signal, the internal compressor jumper must be set to the blend path (this is the default setting). This technique could also be used to create a single, mixed output of a guitar and vocals.The CompressorBased around a new LDR (light dependent resister) design, the 517?s opto-coupler compressor has been simplified to a single threshold control with auto make up gain. By default, the compressor is set to a fixed 2:1 ratio with fixed attack and release. To set the compressor, simply dial the threshold control down until the desired amount of compression is achieved. An LED light indicates when the compressor is active.Vari-PhaseIn addition to the standard polarity reverse, the 517?World-class, transformer-coupled preamp, compressor, and DIGain: 0 – 66dB in 6dB incrementsCompressor: Single-knob opto-coupler compressor with 2:1 ratioBlend: Determines balance of mic and DI inputsInstrument gain: 0 – 30dB on instrument input48V phantom powerSilk: Adds nostalgic warmth and presence when engagedInstrument input: Front-panel TRS input and passive-through for Hi-Z sourcesPolarity reverseThreshold: When signals exceed threshold level, gain is reduced at a controlled 2:1 ratio with fixed attack and release time constantsIndicators: Signal presence and clipping on both mic and DI signals, as well as compressor activation.
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