Roland Fc-300 Midi Footswitch …

Roland Fc-300 Midi Footswitch  ...Roland – Roland Fc-300 Midi Footswitch Controller
The FC-300 sets a new standard of power, versatility and innovation for MIDI foot control. With features such as bi-directional MIDI data flow to the Roland VG-99 via RRC2, patch memory recall, twin expression and control pedals and more, this advanced control station is a perfect companion for Roland’s VG-99 V-Guitar System or any other performance-based MIDI instrument or device.Advanced MIDI foot controller with two assignable expression pedals, two control pedals, nine footswitches and expandabilityNew Patch Mode stores up to 100 MIDI setupsIn addition to standard MIDI connection, advanced RRC2 protocol adapted for bidirectional data flow between FC-300 and Roland RRC2-equipped products3-way power supply and rock-solid metal construction for stage useTwo Amp Control switches for controlling amp channels or effectsPerfect companion for the VG-99RRC2, Bi-directional MIDI data flow2 expression/control pedals9 footswitchesExpandable100 MIDI setups3-way power supplyMetal construction2 amp control switches
Roland, Multi-Use Amplifier Footswitches FC-300