Rhythm Band 20-Note Chromatic …

Rhythm Band 20-Note Chromatic  ...Rhythm Band – Rhythm Band 20-Note Chromatic Bells
Rhythm Band RB2205 The Artist series chromatic song bells offer a wide range to fit any musical need and any classroom situation.All of these bells are made of gong quality steel and each 1-1/4″ x 1/8″ bar is electronically tuned to plus or miuns 5/100ths of one semitone. The note names are clearly engraved on each bar. Convenient 1/4″ spacing between bars prevents children from striking two bars at the same time and also prevents the bars from touching each other. The frames of the bells sets are the finest hardwood available and all of the sets have non-mar protectors on the bottom to prevent damage to any surface.
Rhythm Band, Classroom Bells RB2205