Rane Deq 60L 1/3-Octave Graphic …

Rane Deq 60L 1/3-Octave Graphic  ...Rane – Rane Deq 60L 1/3-Octave Graphic Equalizer
The Rane DEQ 60L 1/3-Octave Graphic Equalizer was made to provide a tool you could use to draw the frequency response you wanted on the unit’s front panel. For years, graphic equalizers compromised the seemingly unattainable goal of a response that truly matches the slider settings–until Rane designed the DEQ 60L.Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows filter technology not possible with analog designs. Rane coined this new technology “Perfect-Q” to describe the world’s first true graphic equalizer whose output response precisely matches its front-panel settings.Perfect-Q features virtually no band interaction and extremely low ripple between adjacent bands. Rane wanted to keep things interesting and flexible–fear not proportional-Q lovers–for each channel of the DEQ 60 is selectable between Perfect-Q or proportional-Q response.Perfect-Q: what you see is what you getNo EQ filter interactionProportional-Q: classic smooth responseIndependent accelerated-slope 3-band full-cut tone controlsLow-cut and high-cut filtersSwitchable boost/cut or cut-only modesInput and output level controls8 segment metering for each input and output2 boost/cut ranges: 6dB or 12dBEach channel may use A or B channel controlsStereo linking2 “analog memories”A-curve/B-curve comparisonAnalog-controlled DSPXLR, 1/4” TRS, and Euroblock connectorsBypass switch (DSP), bypass relay (power failure)Exceptional RF and magnetic immunityUniversal internal switching power supply
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