Radial Engineering Jd6 6-Channel Rackmount …

Radial Engineering Jd6 6-Channel Rackmount  ...Radial Engineering – Radial Engineering Jd6 6-Channel Rackmount Passive Direct Box
Featuring the same highly acclaimed Jensen transformer equipped circuit as used in the renowned Radial JDI direct box, the JD6 contains 6 completely independent audio channels for 100% isolation, minimal crosstalk and low noise.All channels feature -15dB pad, a 180 polarity reverse, and a pin-1 ground lift disconnect at the XLR for added prevention against ground-loops. Easy ID labels for each channel use removable marker pen.Channels 1 and 2 have been outfitted with extra features and connections to simplify interfacing: dual RCA and 1/4″ jacks with push-button selector; a merge function that converts the input and thruput to left and right mix to mono at the XLR; and a high-frequency roll-off filter. Channels 1 and 2 also feature 1/4″ switching jacks with front channel priority.6 discrete Radial JDI DI’s in a one RU 19″ unitJensen transformer equippedExceptionally low distortionHigh level handlingFront and back connectionsOptional hook-up extension panels-15dB pad for extra-hot signals8kHz HF roll off filter switch on channels 1 and 2Polarity reverse switch flips phase 180 at the XLR outputGround lift switch lifts pin 1 at the XLR outputFront 1/4″ input connectorsFront 1/4″ thruput connectors on channels 1 & 2Merge function switch on channels 1 & 2Input selector switch on channels 1 & 2RCA input jacks on channels 1& 2Easy ID label zones with removable marker pen
Radial Engineering, Direct Boxes R800 6000